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taming The Beast
Episode 120

August 18, 2020

Ever feel like getting your routine under control is like taming a beast? Come realize how powerful you can be when you get determined to succeed in your goals.

Diana Ballard

Mom Training

Taming the Beast

Episode Transcript

The Mom Training Podcast with Diana Ballard


Diana:  Hey, girl, Mom Training has launched. Yeah, you heard it right. Go over to and check out Mom Training and how it can help you build a solid foundation for successful home and family.


   Oh, boy, time to tame that beast… Rawrr!... Oh, watch out!


   Taming the beast. What are we going to talk about? What the heck is taming the beast mean? Hmm… Yeah, I got you guessing. Got you curious, huh…


   Taming the beast… Is it our kids? Is it our dogs? Is it our husbands? [chuckle] That’s horrible. That’s horrible, you guys.


   No. It's not about any of that. It's not about taming yourself either… Okay, you be that free bird. You be that free fun mom. You laugh, you laugh at the top of your lungs. You be that fun mom.


   Anyway, bringing it back… Taming the beast. Hm-hmm… What is the beast? You’re like, “Hmm…?”


   Let me tell you.


   Taming the beast is a topic about routine. And if you tuned in last week… Which if you haven't, you better go back and listen to that one too. Maybe over and over again if you struggle with the same thing that I have to work on, and other moms have to work on, is being emotionally stable and feeling good. And not going completely, “Baahhh, my gosh! This is terrible.”


   And kind of having you knocked off your horse because something happens then... Because we're working on things all the time. Like believe it or not, if you're a goal setter, if you're a pusher, if you're a doer, we're working on things all the time. And whether that be becoming better at cooking, or taking good care of our kids, or being a better wife, or cleaning our house…


   Every single mom is constantly working on something, whether they know it or not; to be good at something or to suck at something… So, let's not suck at something.


   So, taming the beast. I'll tell you what, this is the phrase that has been coming to me lately because I am taming the biggest beast right now with routine. I'll just tell you a little bit about myself. So, business is picking up. I've hired a nanny. I'm still up in the night with the baby. My husband’s home, we’re doing tons of house renovations.


   And then, I just picked up homeschool, and it's like a custom built. It's not like through a program or anything… I mean, I could get curriculum from them. But if I do that, then they won't give me money for it. And I get to buy my own books and they reimburse me for all the activities we do in any curriculum that I buy. It’s amazing.


   I wanted to do that, especially with her just being in kindergarten, because I can expand upon things and have lots of fun. And spend lots of time with her because that’s what I want. Part of my reason is I want something to push me to spend more quality time with my kids. And homeschooling is what does that for me, that's something that I need.


   So, I literally, like the past week or so, maybe two weeks… But the past week for sure, I've been, “Holy freak, man.” I am like, seriously, like taming a beast, trying to get this routine under control, this new routine.


   Trying to figure out how to utilize my nanny slash house assistant. She helps with cooking and cleaning and meal planning when I have stuff for it. I work side by side with her. And how to utilize her completely, like what I have her do when I work when she's here, when I work when my husband is watching the kids. Like how am I trying to figure this out? How do I get my Dancing Through Motherhood in, homeschool?


   Look, am I making you tired? It makes me tired thinking about it.


   And I was like, “Dude, this is taking a ton of energy just to like literally… I feel like I have a lasso and whip for this routine. That's like mauling me over, like each week is so different.


   But that's how you have to do routine. You try something out and it's constantly this evolving thing until you tame it. So, if you're adding in new things all the time, if there's lots of adjustments… Now, there's adjustments that you can count on, like kids’ schedules maybe changing a little bit, sleeping things.


   I mean, there are things that may adjust your schedule all the time. It's a living, breathing beast. Like it really is. And that’s the only way that I can actually like really make a solid picture of routine.


   You’re like, “That doesn’t sound nice. Why would I want a beast in my house?


   It’s a nice beast sometimes. It’s a good pet. But sometimes it can turn into a beast. I mean, if you don’t train that thing, if you don’t have that thing under control with boundaries and with like strength of your own, by taking good care of yourself, good mental clarity. And all these different aspects of making sure that at least these boxes are checked. And if these boxes are not, whatever, we'll work on it tomorrow.


   But routine can be a beast. And if you are not a fan of routine, it might be because you haven't learned how to gain control over the beast of routine [chuckle] And if you've ever tamed anything before, like a dog, a horse, an unruly child…  


   I mean, it feels good. Like after, say, you have a child that’s been cray-cray and you work with them. You’ve used your intuition to figure out what I need to do to help this child connect with me better, to have better behavior. By the end of that, you’re like, “Man, I’m feeling good.” And I feel, “I got this under control.”


   But in that stage, in that moment, where you're like, “What the heck am I do? What am I doing? This is crazy!” There's moments where you're like, “Can somebody just please take this over for me?” And that's taming the beast.


   And so, if right now, you've been working on things, if you’ve been striving, if you’ve been pushing, and you’re like sweating and you’re spitting, and you’re like, “This thing is going down if it wants to or not. I’m going to get control of this”.


   And when you realize that you have the potential and the possibility to be like, “I’m going to take this crap on… You’re mine. You are mine, beast… Routine, you are mine! I’m taking you down, and I’m taking you on.”


   Once you realize, “Wow, I actually do have the power to do that”, then dude, your life will change.


   I recently was like, “Dude, what the heck, man, why is there still not flow?” I mean, it's like, I always have this picture in my mind of a pirate with one leg that’s too short, like a peg leg. It's like, bump-bump, bump-bump, bump-bump. It's still like, you’re moving and things are moving forward but like, “Man, it doesn’t look pretty.” It’s not real comfortable, it’s like, “Man, I’m just stumbling all over the place here.”


   And you know what, I want to tell you right now, that that’s normal. If you’re trying to work on routine, if you’re trying to work on boundaries, and new expectations for yourself, building boundaries for your family. I mean, changing your environment, getting that routine down so you can get your self-care.


   There are going to be days you’re like, “What the heck is up with this? It’s like a big puddle of mud, poop, mess on the floor. Why can’t I get a hold on myself and why can’t I get a hold of this thing?”


   Girl, because you got to know, that you can grab the reigns, and be like, “I'm slamming on the brakes. I’m pulling on those reigns and I am determined to make this routine work.”


   Do I need to take something off my schedule? Am I too packed? Do I need to slow it down? Do I need to make a boundary somewhere where I'm spending way too much time doing something for someone else that they can do themselves?


   If your kids are older, they can freakin’ help with your house. If you’re not enlisting your kids, your husband… If you’re not purging your house, if you’re not getting rid of crap you don’t even use, that sits around and you’re like, “But I mean, I bought that when it was $40…”


   You just wasted 40 bucks, get rid of it though. I mean, let that be a lesson. Let it burn right there.


   You got to focus. You got to know that you seriously, have the potential of grabbing those reigns, grabbing that thing by it’s shirt and be like, “You are mine, beast. You are mine of routine beast.”


   And that has been my determination, lately. That has been…I am slamming on my brakes and pulling those reigns, and being like, “No. I’m going to do whatever it takes to get my house clean And I get a routine where everyone's helping to clean up their messes.”


   I have three little kids, you turn around to do one project in the kitchen, like I’m cooking or cleaning the kitchen, and they’ve destroyed the whole living room, their bedroom and the bathroom. You’re like, “What happened here?”


   So, it’s learning, how do I set up systems? How do I set up utilizing the help of my family?


   And as I do that, as I pull on those reigns, and be like, “Sorry guys, this is a new thing. Just letting you know we're going to start this”. You always pre-game, which you’ll learn more about in Mom Training. But you always pre-game, “Hey guys, just want to let you know, this is going to be starting.”


   And you got to get enough energy, Mom. You got to get enough sleep so that you can hold at those boundaries, hold to those expectations and start taming that beast over and over and over again. If you need to hire someone to help you get on top of it…


   Get on top of that beast and tie it down. You're like Diana, “You're just violent today.” No, I'm determined is what it is. And that thing is not going to win. That beast of routine will be tamed and will be mine. Again.


   I right now, might be in like an adjustment period. We’ve let some new little beasts in. We got homeschool coming in, we got business growing coming in. I’m like, “Dang, submit, you little beasts! Because I got to run this.”


   Maybe you’re not that bold, with things like that. But I’ll tell you what, since I do get bold with things like routine, and I treat it like a beast. I treat it like a living, breathing, like, “I’m going to tame you, thing.“ It works, man.


   Get determined. Get passionate. You’d be like, “I am not putting this down until I get it right.”


   Now, that doesn’t mean that you’re mean to your family. Let me clarify that. This determination, this passion like, “Yeah, you’re going to be bold and with your family sometimes, and be like, “No, I don’t think so.” Like just, “No, I’m sorry. But this is the new way we’re going to do something.””


   But I’m not treating my family like, “Bleah…” And that might take practice too. When you start a routine, and you’re starting to hold to a standard, you might have to be a little more bold than you were before.


   That doesn’t mean you’re going to cut someone’s character. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to name call or destroy their self-esteem. We’re not doing that. That’s not okay.


   But being a little bolder, with you determination and even with holding your boundaries. If you’ve let your boundaries slide a lot, you’re going to have to hold them, which is going to seem like you’re being mean. Like, “Sorry guys, this is the new rule and we got to stick to it.”


   And if you’re showing love, if you’re showing quality time, and you’re trying to hold those boundaries, it’s amazing how fast things can mold. And there’s good ways to word things, with your family, especially with your husband. Like you’re his spouse, you’re not his boss, you’re not his mom.


   And so, wording things with your husband is a lot different than maybe wording things with your kids. With your kids, you can be like, “Yo, that ain’t working. I don’t think so.” … I try not to speak like that with my husband, because that just doesn’t turn out well. Because he’s an adult.


   But you’re going to have to be bold with your boundaries. You’re going to have to be bold with routine, and the beast of routine. But you need to do so, by having kindness in your heart towards your family. That’s really, really, really important for you to practice and crucial for you to have good relationships, to be happy and to thrive in what you’re doing.


   So, tame the beast. Tame the beast. Tame the beast.


   So, next week, we’re going to talk about some tips of how to tame the beast. But I want you to think about, from this podcast, am I passionate about becoming organized. Am I determined about becoming organized and do I need to practice taming the beast of routine with kindness in my heart?


   Tune in next week. We’re going to talk about taming that beast, and giving it a little spanking. You behave, beast. Right? And by doing that, we’ll feel a lot better. We’ll get on top of things, and things will flow soon.


   So, have hope. Keep working. Know that it’s normal to struggle and have your routine and stuff running all over the place, till you learn how to tame it.


   Have a great week. We’ll see you next episode, and let’s do this. Talk to you later. Bye.


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   Girl, what are you doing? Let’s help out some other moms. Share this with somebody. Share this with somebody, it might change their life forever. And in the meantime, make sure that you’re jumping in, you have subscribed, and you show up here every single week to build a solid foundation for your home and be an awesome rocking mom. See you later.

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