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The Act of Becoming
Episode 141

January 12, 2021

There are still a lot of unknowns for this year. But, one thing we can control and work on is ourselves. Come join me in working on who we can BECOME this year as we build up ourselves, our home, and our family.

Diana Ballard

Mom Training

The Art of Becoming

Episode Transcript

The Mom Training Podcast with Diana Ballard


Diana:      All right, we are in the first month of 2021. And this is a brand new year, a brand new start for us, and it’s exciting. If there's anything that 2020 taught us was that there are a lot of things we cannot control. We might have found ourselves feeling maybe little hopeless or despair, or scared. Wondering if we're going to have what we need or be taken care of.


  And wow, man, I don’t know about you but some of those emotions in 2020, I'd never felt before in my life. So, I've been reflecting on 2020, as I’ve been looking at the intentions for next year, what I want it to look like. And what it came down to is, there are a handful of things that we can control at this time.


  There's still a lot of unknowns. The future is an open book right now, of what this next year is going to be like... We’re hopeful. We want it to be a better year. And so, we're going to shoot for that. But we just don't know. Right, we just don't know exactly, what’s going to be around the corner.


  But there is something that we can focus on, that we can control, and that is the art of becoming. Who do you want to be? Now, this can play into a million different goals, a million different directions of where you want your life to turn? How you want it to end? Where you want to be at the end of this year, the end of five years, 10 years, 20 years? Whatever.


  There is something universal that has to happen for us to be able to reach our goals. And it is becoming the person that can, one, handle the goals. Becoming the person that can create and like manifest, and bring it into your life.


  So, as we’re steadily moving one step at a time in this new year, I want to invite you to think about, “Who do I need to become to reach these goals that maybe I've been reaching for years?” Becoming financially independent. Having a good relationship with your husband. Who do I need to become? What do I need to learn to have those things in my life? And a daily effort to become something is something that we control.


  Now, will we always have the exact timeframe? I'll tell you, being able to, for sure, get up every single morning, at about the crack of dawn, before everyone else; when you've been up all night with your kids. Or been up late trying to finish a project for work or trying to clean your house. It's not always going to be perfect. But becoming something, the art of becoming, is a lifelong process. And it’s is something we can focus on, and we can take control of.


  Like for example, being an organized person. Becoming that person, just takes one action at a time. One decision at a time and continuing to practice skills that you learn from people who do what you want to do. You want a sexier marriage where you communicate better and you feel close to each other and are intimate in relationship, communication and physical? Then learn what you need to, talk to who you need to, to increase your skill set. Become a person that has a good relationship.


  This can be our focus this year. This is something we can have more control over. We can always be learning. There are so much free education, everywhere, to get us on the right track. And then there are experts that can teach you even more in depth, go into detail with you. You hire a coach, whatever. There are ways for us to continue learning all the time.


  No matter what our budget is, no matter what our timeframe is… Driving down the road, listening to something. Cleaning the dishes, listening to something. There are ways for us to figure out, how I can become who I need to be and want to be this year. And that’s exciting. That’s exhilarating. And that’s a breath of fresh air.


  Who do you want to become this year? What do you want to learn?


  And as we focus that, as we focus on being the person who shows up to things on time, who is prepared, who is kind, who is loving, who is wise with their money? It's one action, one step, one piece of a learned skill that’s practiced, for it to become a piece of us. That we may become the people - the moms, the wives, the housewives, the friends, the daughters, whoever, that we want to be.


  So, I want you to have hope this year. Remember that you are capable of learning, no matter where you are in your journey, no matter what your circumstances are, and that becoming who you want to be is a daily practice. And it’s something you can do.


  So, think about who you want to become, what you want to do, what direction you want to head. No matter what the circumstances are around us, we have the capability, the possibility, and the hope that by the end of this year, 2021 we can grow. We can blossom and we can change. And be able to look back to where we were, and say, “Wow, look who I have become this year. And I’ve done it in my own time, in my own space, and I’m proud of myself.”


  I want you to think that far ahead, and think of how proud you’re going to be when you look back and see how far you’ve come, and how much you’ve grown. So, who do you want to be, mama? What do you want to become? What do you want to learn? Let’s make that our focus this year. And let’s make that our gift of hope, our possibility. Something that we can work on and control.


  I believe in you. This is going to be an awesome year because we're going to make it awesome. And we'll see you next Tuesday, on The Mom Training Podcast.



Diana:   This is it. This is our year, girls. Let’s do it.


  Hey, look, if you want to succeed this year, if you want to take motherhood, and your home life, and being a housewife to a whole new level, you got to come join me in Mom Training. This year, we are going to kick butt in what we’re doing, and you need to be there. You need to be a part of this. Come over to Join us in Mom Training, and let’s do this girl friend.

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