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Hi, I'm Diana, and this is my little family.
Prior to becoming a mom I realized that if I wanted to continue living a life of passion, adventure and fulfillment, I had to learn from people who lived that way while having a family.
Since then I have interviewed hundreds of moms to see HOW I could continue to live an adventurous fun life, WHILE being a mom, wife, and housewife. 
The group of moms that struggled less, who we call 'Powerhouse Moms', had different skill-sets and mindsets than the moms who struggled more often. After years of research and testing, The Mom Training Podcast, and Mom Training was created. We discuss the skills and strategies to create possibilities in motherhood, to make it more fun, efficient, organized and peaceful.
Come join me each Tuesday on "The Mom Training Podcast" as we discuss motherhood in a proactive way and learn how to design our own family life.
As moms, we are always a work in progress, but with a handful of successful skill-sets, strategies, and results-based mindsets, things get a WHOLE lot better.

Diana is a Wife, Momma, Speaker, Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Life Coach, and Hypnotherapist.

Company description:

Creating thriving families, by equipping the mother with skill-sets/mindsets to design, influence and create her family life. 


Stress and busy-ness can disconnect mothers emotionally, mentally and physically. By teaching a mother how to organize her responsibilities, refine and honor her priorities, and create time for self care, she will be more fully connected, involved, and present in her family. Therefore being able to better utilize her unique gifts, give motherly love, be in-tune with her family's needs, and be there emotionally, mentally, and physically for her loved ones. We believe that by doing so, many problems and pain will diminish, and more joy will be present worldwide. 

Our mission:

Globally Providing Mothers Skills & Strategies To Create Time For Self-Care, Family, & Fulfillment.
Our goal is to educate mothers in developing or perfecting these 6 skills:
• Routine/organizational skills
• Emotional/mental coping

• Money Management 
• Relationships
• Nutrition

• Self-care
By learning these skills, we believe that mothers will be more equipped to be balanced and available,

therefore creating a happier and healthier home environment.

Our vision:

Trained mommas,

Balanced mommas,

Happy families.

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