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If You Believe You Can, Or Cant, You Are Correct

This has really been on my heart the last 24 hours. Means it’s probably something I need to focus on, learn and truly realize. It has really made an impact on me as I think about it.

I had the awesome opportunity to share a 10 min presentation on a workshop I had to create in my psychology of addiction class. The workshop is called “Daily habits that ‘make or break’ your dreams.” Talking about sucess you want and how our habits take us closer or farther away from the goal/destination. (Workshop is March 25th, 2017)

Anyway, I put in a slide in the power point that said “Belief is everything.” I had a direction I was going to go with it and then this thought became solidified in my heart and mind as I spoke it to my classmates:

If you believe something is possible your actions and choices are completely different than if you believe it is not possible.

For my own life I thought, if I continue to focus on the fears and doubts of “will my business and my message really work out” then I will not take the actions it will take to actually make something happen. Instead I may procrastinate, not share content I have, back out, not step up or step out etc. I mean the list could go on. But if I truly BELIEVED that it was possible I would have hope. I would be more optimistic when challenges came and be found doing the actions and steps it would take to actually make the “thing” come to pass.

Today the thought and the idea grew and was solidified even more. I had a conversation with someone who believes a lot of different things for their life than I wish they did. The moment was a gift as I talked to them. For my ears, mind and heart heard things a little differently than I had heard before. This person had talked about their doubts and how they saw their life before, but this time it was different. I had discernment and saw the beliefs connected to the things they were saying.

Some of the beliefs were translated: “people don’t like me.” “I am not safe” “My life is destroyed and there is no redeeming it.”

Each belief was masked with a tint of optimism, as to almost hide the belief or fear, but what I had realized was they had given up and made up their mind that it would always be that way.

I grew in wisdom in that moment. I saw why the person acted the way they did. Why they interacted with people as they did. Why they ran from things. Why they hid. Why they pushed everyone away. My compassion for that person grew.

This person was not a victim because of their unkind circumstances around them, they were a victim to their own beliefs. Which in reality is the one thing we have power, control and ability to change at any time.

Blindness, being comfortable in the filth or being too scared to crawl out of the mud, I don’t know. But this person is stuck.

This really inspired me to think about my beliefs and what direction I want to head.

What if success really was as easy as choosing to believe it was possible?

Here, to share a good example. 5 years ago I didn’t believe it was possible for me to travel the world. But I dared to try, took a leap of faith and booked a one-way ticket to Europe by myself. Did I travel, yes. Was it the most graceful experience, no. But I jumped, I tried, I traveled. And then I did it again. And again. And again.

What do you think my belief is now?

Do you think I struggle with the belief that traveling is possible for me?

No... Not one bit.

In the last 5 years I have been to handfuls of crazy different places, had wild adventures and have enjoyed them a lot more than I did the first trip. Haha

So when I think “hey, let’s plan a trip to Bermuda and Boston” per say, (We go there in the next month, Bermuda-visit Hubs parents, Boston- Visit hubs brother) how do you think my actions line up with my beliefs?

Well I’ll tell you what we did. (The hubs and I)

We picked dates. Worked out the details with everyone involved. Decided to live VERY frugally for the next 9 months. Booked the first flight to Bermuda with the finances we had at that time. 3 months later booked the second flight from Bermuda to Boston with finances saved. Then 3 months later booked the third flight home. Then we will make lists, pack bags, get on our plane and 9 hours later step onto Bermuda soil.

This is all because I believe that with thoughtful planning, saving$/sacrifice, and RESULT CREATING ACTION it’s 100% possible for me to travel. End of story. This mindset has sent me all over the world.

Now, what if I believed it wasn’t possible for me to travel? That maybe I just wasn’t one of those lucky people etc. My actions may look a little different: Researching all the places I wanted to go but feeling sorry for myself that I would never have the finances to do something, BUT earlier that week I ate out four times when I could have brought my lunch, bought a new pair of shoes just because they made me happy and jumped out at me, and then went to a movie Friday night and bought snacks to enjoy myself. Hummmmm…? See how the actions and desires don’t match up?

See where believe takes you and how powerful it is?

If I believed it was possible for me to travel I might save every penny I could get my hands on, because I’d know I would need it.


So as I have been in process of stepping out and sharing my message/story/new business I realized I have been dealing with some beliefs that have kept me from sharing or letting myself grow.

I’m excited to adjust some thoughts and choose to have the guts to believe that something cool can happen for me too as I decide to be venerable and wear my heart on my sleeve. I have nothing to lose but my pride. Ha (ouch) Shall be an interesting journey this next little while.

Soooo, in choosing different beliefs, I’m stepping out and doing my first workshop. I’m really excited about it. It’s Saturday March 25th, 2017. “Daily habits that make or break your dreams.” We’re specifically talking about what habits are bringing you closer to your goals and what destructive habits are stealing your “thunder”, joy and success. We tap into our beliefs too. I will post more details and a way to register soon once I learn how to put that all together. J I’d love to see you there.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope this made you think about some beliefs you may need to adjust. I hope you can experience many amazing beautiful things in your life. Goodnight.

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Choose to believe something is possible for you and take action that supports it coming true.

Words: I can

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