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Your Vulnerability Is Your Power

I can't decide if I really want to share this, but the theme is that vulnerability is what will set me free... So I'm going to start doing more things that make me feel more raw and vulnerable.

I write today to express a concern, fear and struggle I am facing.

How am I suppose to teach people about time management, goal setting, achieving your dreams, living and designing the life you have always wanted when my physical body does not match up to every other rockin aspect of my life?

Now, don't get me wrong. I love my body. I am able to do lots of fun outdoor activities with no problem. My body, no matter it's shape or size, has never stopped me from living a fun, adventurous, exciting life. I feel like a normal person, not an overweight person, a majority of the time. I feel beautiful, attractive, sexy etc, but in these times when I struggle with my body image, it's grueling.

Today especially because my body just doesn't look the part of what I want to teach people.

I have accomplished so many things in my life and do daily, but for some reason my body just won't change like I want it to. I work constantly on it, but still I have a shell. Something I am doing or not doing is not working or giving me the result I desire.

But maybe there is a reason.

My emotions seem to manifest through my body very loudly. So the fact that my body shape faces challenges to change most likely means that I'm still scared of something, wearing armor or holding on to some pain, fear or shame etc. Hence why I am writing this blog to share= vulnerability.

As I talked to my husband about this tonight a thought came to mind:

This is part of my journey. To step out, put myself out there, and share who I am and what skills I've learned when everything ISN'T perfect. I have waited to start sharing how I live and what skills and mindsets make it possible, but I have been waiting until my body was in the shape I felt would be accepted. In reality, what I would accept.( Which just made me realize that I have let my body-fear hold me back from accomplishing THIS dream)

I could continue. But no. The time is now and my body is not how I expected or want it to be to start showing up and stepping out in a bold and passionate way.

Through many promptings, doors opening, magical experiences, and inspirations, this very moment, is when I have a choice. I am fully set up in my business to move forward and start sharing. IRONICALLY it also happens to be when I am pregnant, now 6 months, and as expected and desired, my tummy is growing, some swelling happening and yet, IT IS TIME.

My insecurity of being judged as insufficient, incapable, and un-credible because of my physical appearance is literally being shoved in my own face saying "It's up to you, will you let this fear hold you back once more?"

I've realized lately that I have nothing to loose but my pride.

I have some really amazing things to teach that will help transform the lives of those who listen. Because I am not perfect should not interfere with them receiving the information THEY need to move forward. SO I am going to get out of my own way and share, as un-pefect as I am.

So my encouragement to you, and myself, is this: Don't let any thing stop you for going for your dreams and being who you were sent here to be.

With that being said, my first workshop is March 25th, 2017. "Daily Habits that "make or break your Dreams."We are discussing habits that help you move towards you dreams/goals and also habits like soft addictions (ex: Media addiction, eating disorders, self-pity, excuses etc.) that push you farther from your dreams.

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Step out, stand up, and share something about your life and who you are.

Words: Sleepy momma. :)

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