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Your Productivity- A Result Of How You Feel

Your productivity is only as good as you feel.

This has been something I have really been learning a lot about lately. With being in the last stages of pregnancy, (8 more weeks!) being in school full time, and being a wife and momma, things have needed to be really organized. But more than just organized, my self-care has needed to be on it's "game." This meaning that I have to be so concious about what nutrients I give my body, if I am drinking enough water, sleeping enough, giving myself mental/emotional processing time (writing) etc.

There was a time a couple months ago that I felt like I was being run through the ringer. I had so many things going on that I didn't know what to do with myself. Keeping everything balanced was feeling impossible.

Writing each day had been lowered on the priority scale (which is never a good idea for me) so I wasn't problem solving at my best capacity and getting the brain processing time I needed.

So one day I MADE time to sit down and write. Writing for me is mostly therapeutic because the majority of the time I talk to God while I write. He helps me process, gives me insight and focuses my attention on what is most important. During this conversation that day I was given the insight that this time, this stretching, this hard moment was on purpose. The purpose was to help me learn how to best take care of myself.

The last 5 years I have really made an effort to have better self care, but it has gone to a new level. It's not just for the sake of feeling good, it's crucial for me to accomplish everything I desire.

If I am to learn a higher level of self care for myself, then why not have an excellent opportunity to make it happen? = Right now! Realizing that this was the purpose of my struggles now, life has become a lot easier. I have really dug into putting my self care first and things have moved a lot smoother.

During the last 10 months of being in school I have learned that I don't have time to feel tired, depressed, anxious, get sick etc.= absence of self care. It really wastes too much of my time to feel/experience those things. I need my mind to be clear/focused, have motivation/drive, and energy to accomplish everything each day.

I have the power to be proactive in preventing the problems from neglecting myself, and also experiencing the positive consequences of self care.

Is everyday perfect? Heck no. Do I remember every day to do the things that are most important? No. Do I have days that suck? Yes. Days where I am distracted, depressed, exhausted etc. Yes.

But the majority of the time, I feel great, productive and balanced.

Being proactive in your self care is your best friend when you have goals to accomplish, mountains to move, and life to enjoy.

So as you are moving forward in accomplishing your dreams and becoming your best self, I invite you to look at your self care and if you are giving your body, mind and soul what it needs to best create/design the life around you.

-Dreamer Di

Challenge: Take care of yourself and watch your life unfold in beauty.

Word: Love

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