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Celebrate Your Success

Tonight I celebrate my accomplishments.

This year, July-July, has been CHALLENGING. To continue to honor my priorities and remain a balanced/pleasant wife, mom and individual- I was literally "forced" to practice the skills I want to teach people. Time management, honoring priorities, LAZOR-focus, saying no, boundaries, IMMACULATE self-care, planning, etc. (WHAT A BLESSING!!!)

There was one point (During morning sickness phase of pregnancy, which lasted 20 weeks + prepping for the art boutique + 3 of my most INTENSE classes) where I pleaded to the Lord for help cause I was going to lose it. One phrase He gave me that stuck with me- "You are not being tortured, you are being trained." (^Trained in skills above^) WOW. This gave me the insight, strength and understanding to keep going, flow with the process and not fight it, which made it so much easier!!

As I reflect back on the last year, I am absolutely SHOCKED at what I accomplished, and how peaceful/blessed I feel on the "other side of it."

In the last year I:

•Finished an intense year program at school with a 4.0!!! •Met my financial goals before this baby came. (Due date: MONDAY!! June 26th) •Built the foundation for my business- •Did my first art boutique and sold tons of dream catchers. •Maintained a balanced SEXY marriage •Quality time with sweet Olivia, close friends and family •Said NO many times to remain balanced (huge success for me) •Went to Bermuda, Boston + 2 other vacations •Grew another human... haha 👶 •Took excellent care of myself and feel awesome as I end this pregnancy •Lifted weights through my whole pregnancy 2-3x a week •Kept my head on straight a majority of the time 👌😂😘

(...... Yeah, keeping my house spotless was not on that list..... but the laundry was always done!! haha 😂😂😂)

This last year was not perfect, but I'd say with WORK, adjusting expectations/mindsets and having grace with myself, 85% of it WAS... and that's SUCCESS to me. 🙂

Cheers 🍻 to the finish line. So proud of myself.

Success is not just for "lucky people." With the right skill sets, anything is possible.

- Dreamer Di

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