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5 Evening Tips For A Smoother Morning

When our morning is peaceful, it sets the tone for our day. What if a smoother morning was possible because of what we did the night before?

Here are 5 tips to save time tomorrow, before it even begins:

1. Pack a healthy lunch the night before, for an easy grab.

Bringing a lunch is a wise decision. Not only will it keep the waist trimmer, but our bank account will be grateful too!

2. Set an outfit out the night before.

When the “heat is on” in the rush of the morning, the last thing needed is a wardrobe malfunction. Solve this problem by putting together an outfit, shoes, accessories and all, the night before.

3. Do a 5-Minute planning session

Take time for clarity. Before bed, step back and look at the tasks and priorities for the next day.  As we do this, we can plan specific time to make important things happen, remember to bring certain items with us, and be more prepared.

4. Stay off media at least an hour before going to bed

Media can be a wonderful thing, but not when we’re about to go to sleep. A picture, video or post from a friend can send our mind into a thought pattern, or worry. This could keep you from being able to shut our mind down to go to sleep. Also, it is easy to lose track of time when engaging in media, so use that time wisely!

5. Have a consistent time to wind down and a bedtime.

Our bodies run best when we are on a schedule.  We fall asleep quicker, have a clearer mind and actually feel rested in the morning.

As we see here, having a positive jump-start on the morning is possible when we are mindful and purposeful the night before. What type of tips do you have to be more prepared for the next day?

- Diana

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