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Hubby Bra Shopping

Date Night- Bra shopping (and Chic-fil-A)

I decided I didn’t want to have flat shapeless boobs ALL the time with my nursing bras... So I thought it’d be fun to bring James along to help me pick out some cute hooter holders. 😂

It was so fun!!! Our assistant, a middle aged hippie lady named Ann, was awesome and made the experience so much better. We became best bosom buddies.👙

Some how along the way I decided to get matching panties as well... Ann may have helped convince me.. 🙃

They had a buy 3 get 3 free so I said, eh why not. (I’m on a roll, first the impulse sardines, and now sexy panties. Someone stop me before I get myself a puppy! 🤩 {Does anyone know where I can get a black cockapoo?} Jk)😂

As me, James, (and Ann 😂) were picking out the lacy bottoms, I had glanced at one pair of panties and it was $9.50- not too bad of price- so I continued to happily look.

Ann happened to be the manager so she said I could choose any of the panties in the store and she’d give me the same deal= yay! But I should always LOOK AT PRICES.

Long story short, we picked the faves, and I went to go buy everything and even with the B3G3 sale it was $65 just for the undies. I literally almost vomited... 🤢😂 (And I still might return them)

I am not a big spender and it felt like I was selling my kidney for some Lacey bum huggers that I’ll rarely wear. (I did get 3 cute practical ones for when I work out though... 🤔)

The bras pictured were the ones we chose. I’ve never been a lingerie kind of gal, and always have been a ‘only black bra’ lover. So picking these colors/styles was adventurous again and I’m happy with them.

If you ever get a chance to do bra/undies shopping with your spouse, do it. It was fun. 💕

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