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Banana Berry Oatmeal Pudding: A Healthy, Energizing Breakfast For You and Your Kids!

Hey there, busy mom!

Let's make a fun breakfast together on today’s Meal Monday blog! Starting the day with a bowl of healthy breakfast is so important, so we’re sharing a throwback to our banana berry oatmeal pudding. This yummy recipe is one of our favorites! You can make this the day or night before so that you and your family can wake up to an awesome morning meal. It’s yummy, healthy, and so easy to make. What more can you ask for?

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day for a good number of reasons. Here are some:

  • Eating breakfast sets the day and encourages good eating habits. It becomes a routine!

  • Breakfast breaks our overnight fast, and helps improve our metabolism

  • It energizes. People who eat healthy breakfast are more energized in the morning - which leads to more activity and productivity

  • It helps us focus and stimulates the brain early in the morning. Goodbye slow mornings!

So make sure to make it a point to have you and your kids eat breakfast at the same time in the morning. Make it a habit and reap these benefits!

Let’s begin.

You’ll need:

2 cups of oatmeal or brown rice


Frozen blueberries


For the custard:

4 eggs

2 cups of milk

1 tsp of cinnamon powder

½ tsp of salt

½ cup of maple syrup as a sweetener

In a bowl, crack 4 chicken eggs and whisk it. Slowly add in 2 cups of fresh milk, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and ½ cup of maple syrup. You can also use some honey if you prefer that. Whisk it altogether, and add in ½ teaspoon of salt to elevate the sweetness and flavor of this recipe. Set it aside.

In another plate or bowl, mash 2 bananas (or more!) with a fork. Once it is all mashed, slowly add it in the bowl of custard we made a few minutes ago. Mix, and add in 2 cups of oatmeal or rice. Remember to cook the rice first if that’s what you’re going to use! Slowly whisk it all in to make sure all those grains absorb all the delicious custard.

For the last step, simply add in your frozen blueberries. Add as many as you like!

Place the mixture in a pan, and start baking! It will be ready in about 55 minutes.

And there we go! A delicious, healthy, and filling banana berry oatmeal pudding that you and your kids will certainly love.

Let us know what you think! You can watch the full Meal Monday video here. You’re more than welcome to leave a comment on the comment section. Have a great week!

- Micah from Mom Training


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