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Dancing Through Motherhood

A fun weight loss program for moms!

Have you struggled to lose weight since becoming a mom? I know I have. Matter of fact, I've struggled to lose weight for most of my life.

Back in February, 2020 I started a 6 month weight loss experiment called "Dancing Through Motherhood." A plan to dance while enjoying motherhood and housewife activities.

I committed to sharing my progress and a dance video once a week with all of my friends and family on social media. Since mid-February I have lost 20 pounds while dancing in my kitchen and doing my normal housewife and mom responsibilities, in just 4 months!

Not only has is been a blast, but my family has also join in and had some fun.

I have started a Facebook group- "Dancing Through Motherhood" where we are sharing the food we're eating, songs we're dancing to, dancing videos, and our weight loss journey.

If you'd like to join the group of moms having fun, dancing, and losing weight while doing what they already do every day, click the link below and join our Facebook support group!

There's also a short video about what we're doing on YouTube:

Come join us as we get healthy, have fun, and lose weight!

- Diana Ballard, Founder of Mom Training


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