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Fun Halloween Foods! Happy To Start Up Meal Monday Again!

Hey there, busy mom!

How have you been? Hope you are having an amazing week!

We are back to sharing new recipes here at Meal Monday. Thanks for your continued support in the last few weeks as Diana spent more time with her newborn baby. We are so excited to be back!

Today we’re sharing with you some fun Halloween foods because this spooky holiday is coming up soon. We know the kids love some treats during this season so here are some ideas on how to make every meal cute and spooky. We’ll be making hotdog mummies and witch’s brew.

These are recipes you can make with your family for additional family time and to get your kids to have fun in the kitchen. Super easy recipes that will definitely bring joy to your dining table this Halloween. Let’s go!

Hotdog Mummies

You’ll need:


Crescent rolls

Parchment paper

Witch’s Brew

You’ll need:

Glass jar

Food coloring

Apple juice

Dry ice

For the Hotdog Mummies:

Let’s go ahead and lay out a crescent dough onto a parchment paper, and cut it into pieces to serve as “strips” for the mummies. Make each strip about half an inch in width. Don’t worry about making the strips even as we will make them seem like they are “bandages” on the hotdogs. Take a hotdog and wrap it. Feel free to use your favorite hotdog or sausage, be it beef, chicken, or Polish sausage. This is something you can ask your kids to do with you. Make them wrap the hotdogs with the dough strips, and make sure you don’t cover the whole thing to make them seem like mummies. Leave out a space for the “face” so we can put “eyeballs” on the hotdogs with ketchup to really solidify the fun mummy look on this recipe.

Put the wrapped hotdogs on a tray with a layer of parchment paper and we’ll cook them in the oven. Add the ketchup “eyeballs” as a final touch. Yummy and spooky!

Now we’ll move on to our witch’s brew.

For the Witch’s Brew:

Pour a whole box of apple juice into the glass jar, and add in a little bit of food dye to make it green. Mix thoroughly until you achieve a color that resembles something that witches would make.

The fun part - we’ll put in some dry ice! Drop it into the jar and watch the juice create steam and resemble a “brew.” The dry ice will make the juice carbonated and icy too. It will definitely complete the spooky look we’re trying to go for.

A fun way to serve these snacks is to lay them out onto a Halloween-themed dinner table, complete with decorations and some candies too.

And there we have it! We hope you enjoyed these recipes and we can’t wait for you to surprise your family with them. Going extra during the holidays never hurt anyone!

Check out the full Meal Monday video here to see our step-by-step process of making these snacks. Feel free to leave out comments because we always love to hear from you.

Have a spooky Halloween and see you again soon!

- Micah from Mom Training


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