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Spanish Rice: A Delicious Rice Pilaf That You Can Enjoy With Your Favorite Mexican Recipes!

Hey there, busy mom!

Are you having a great week so far?

Here’s a recipe that will make your week even more amazing.

For today’s Meal Monday we’re sharing with you our 7-ingredient, homemade Spanish rice! This is a great accompaniment to your favorite homemade meals such as steak or chicken. In our case, we’re going to serve it along with some taco salad and really enjoy those southwestern flavors all together. You can also enjoy this flavorful recipe on its own as we’re going to put in fresh and tasty ingredients.

Don’t be fooled by the number of ingredients in this recipe as these are enough to make a meal that you’ll be proud to serve on your dinner table.

Let’s get this quick southwestern recipe started!

You’ll need:

A large red onion

Olive oil

2 cups of white rice

Tomato sauce

Corn kernels

4 teaspoons of chicken bouillon

A little bit of water

Let’s start by chopping up a large red onion. We’ll be using a red one as it’s spicier in flavor compared to its white counterpart, which is essentially what we’re looking for in southwestern meals. Chop it up into pieces.

Let’s place our pot onto the stove and let it heat for a few seconds. Add in a little bit of olive oil, and add in your onions. Let the onions cook for a minute.

Now, our third ingredient - rice! Let’s add 2 cups of white rice into the pot. The secret to this fried rice is to make sure that we fry the rice first until it’s brown, to release the nutty and toasty flavors. Let’s cook it for a couple of minutes.

Next up, our tomato sauce! Add in lots of tomato sauce to really get all the rice covered. At this stage, also add in some water to cover 2 cups of rice. We want it to cook nicely and evenly.

We added about a can of corn kernels to this recipe for extra flavor and so that we have more to serve.

Now here’s the secret to the flavor of our rice pilaf - we have to add in about 4 teaspoons of chicken bouillon. Make sure to be generous with it as we will not be adding salt, and we don’t want our rice to come out lacking in flavor.

Stir everything, and you can add some more water if you feel the need to do so. Start turning the heat down to make sure the rice will cook evenly, and cover the pot.

You may also add some black beans, bell peppers, and your favorite herbs and spices to bring out more to this recipe. Feel free to modify this recipe according to what you’re going to serve alongside it.

After about 15-30 minutes you can finally enjoy this Spanish Rice meal. You may incorporate your proteins such as chicken bits or ground beef as well.

Did you like this Meal Monday recipe? If you did, check out the full Meal Monday video here. We would love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment if you want to!

Diana will be back soon to start new recipes in Meal Monday again! We can’t wait to share them with you soon.

- Micah from Mom Training


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