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I Help Women Learn Everything They Wish They Knew About The Art Of Being A Wife, Mom, Relationship, And Home Economic Expert


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Come learn the skillsets and strategies for a happy home, peaceful relationships, inspiration to be your best self, and more than enough money to do what you love...

while enjoying your family.

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"Everyone should listen to The Mom Training Podcast, but Moms especially. I have learned so much and feel empowered to create my dream life as a mom, but more than that, I've DONE IT! Diana has helped me take baby steps to achieve change that I haven't accomplished on my own. Thank you!"

"This podcast is amazing. It has helped me understand better my role as a mom. Diana talks about everything you need to know to become a better mom and wife. I have been able to find joy, stay calm, do some meal planning, organize my life and much more by listening to her insights. Every mom should listen, it is truly a life saver."


"I love the Mom Training Podcast! Being a busy mother of 6, I am always looking for new ways to make the job of raising my family easier, efficient and more enjoyable. This podcast does just that. So many times I have listened to an episode thinking that it was just what I needed! So glad to have Diana in my corner and helping guide my focus on what to incorporate and what to let go."


Dancing Through Motherhood

A Healthy Body & Mindset About Motherhood

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Come join a group of moms who are dancing while doing their normal housewife and mom responsibilities. Whether it be doing your dishes, folding laundry, or sweeping your floor, you can have fun, lose weight AND enjoy getting stuff done around your house!


Meal Monday

Diana's Weekly Cooking Show

Salmon & Baked Broccoli

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Need some ideas for feeding your family?

Come watch and participate in Diana's weekly cooking show!

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Chocolate Salty Bars

I'm Diana Ballard

I'm a mother, wife, entrepreneur, life adventurer, lover of spicy foods, and your favorite booty shakin' BFF.


I'm on a mission to equip moms with the tools, strategies, and support they need to be the mom they want to be.


More About Me

Prior to becoming a mom I realized that if I wanted to continue living a life of passion, adventure and fulfillment, I had to learn from people who lived that way, while having a family.​

Since then I've interviewed hundreds of 'Expert Moms' to learn how to have a successful household, marriage, and family.  I also found that there’s too much push for economic achievement, and not enough training in the home. Young women are entering motherhood and marriage without having practiced crucial skillsets, which causes a lot of problems.
By increasing our training in the home we can prevent problems in marriage, finances, and our own mental health.
As calamities continue to increase around the world, I'm convinced that if the women of the world step up their game in the home, many world problems will cease and order will be maintained.
Don't Let Another Day Go By.

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Mom training International


Company description:

We help women learn everything they wish they knew about the art of being a wife, mom, relationship, and home economic expert.


Stress and busy-ness can disconnect mothers emotionally, mentally and physically. By teaching a mother how to organize her responsibilities, refine and honor her priorities, and create time for self care, she will be more fully connected, involved, and present in her family. 

Our mission:

Globally Providing Mothers Skills & Strategies To Create Time For Self-Care, Family, & Fulfillment.
Our goal is to educate mothers in developing and perfecting these 5 skills:
• Creating Order- Routine/Organizational Skills
• Relationships & Communication

• Emotional & Mental Coping

• Money Management 
• Health & Nutrition

Our vision:

Changing the world, one family at a time, by helping moms be what they need to be.

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