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Partnering with the BEST companies, services, and products in supporting a healthy, happy, and successful #momlife.

sPeaking engagements

Have an podcast, platform, or event you want Diana to speak at?

Email details to:

Please note that Diana does a limited amount of events and speaking opportunities per quarter

Diana's Speaking Topics



  • Designing Motherhood- creating the life you dream of

  • Creating and sustaining a routine while having a family

  • Time management and rebounding to resistance

  • Having mental clarity in the chaos

  • Constructive communication with our spouse and children

  • Building relationships of support

  • Living on a ‘Family Budget’

  • Traveling with a family


  • Resilience and hope

  • Following your purpose

  • Acting on inspiration

  • Believing in yourself when others don’t 

Diana Ballard- Mom Training 1

Guest Speaking

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Be a Guest Speaker in Mom Training or The Mom Training Podcast

What we're looking for:
We're looking for experts and presenters who can teach powerful/results-driven strategies and skill-sets in a fun, engaging, and inspired way- to help support Mothers in successfully running and managing their household and family. By teaching a mother how to organize her responsibilities, refine and honor her priorities, and create time for self care, she will be more fully connected, involved, happy, and present in her family.

We are interested in expert moms as well as skilled professionals.

Our Mom Training Topics are:
• Designing Motherhood- Creating Possibilities
• Creating Order- Routine/Organizational Skills
• Relationships & Communication
• Emotional & Mental Coping
• Money Management
• Health & Self-Care

If you feel you align with what we're looking for, please fill out the google form below to be considered as a guest speaker in Mom Training. 

Affiliate Program
and Products

Do you have a product that supports moms? Please email us at to be considered as a Mom Training Product Partner

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