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This is what
we DO have

Episode 131

November 3, 2020

During challenging times, it's important to remember what we've already been blessed with.

Diana Ballard

Mom Training

The Is What We DO Have

Episode Transcript

The Mom Training Podcast with Diana Ballard


Diana:  Today we’re going to work on some visualization. This is so good for our minds and I really believe that being able to visualize things can help you feel it. And that’s the goal right now, is the way that we feel can be affected by things around us, things that are happening. But as we turn our focus to inside our home, to taking care of ourselves, to finding peace and joy in our home no matter what’s going on around us, then that gives us power, that brings us peace that creates joy and fulfilment and everything else.


   And I want you to know that I don’t think there’s a person in this nation right now that’s not struggling with something of the back and forth of wondering what the future beholds, being concerned about a ton of different things… So, know that you’re not alone.


   But today, we’re going to focus on our home, and realizing what beauty we have in our home already, right now. Because as goal setters, as going through things, wanting change, wanting to become more, a lot of stuff is halted right now. And instead of feeling remorse about what could have been, what more could have happened this year, let’s turn our focus to what beauty we have in our home.


   So, I was listening to another podcast today, actually, by Rachel Hollis. And I can’t exactly remember the entire conversation, but the main thing that stood out to me was, the guy she was talking to was saying like, “They didn’t realize that they had been standing on holy ground, already.”


   And it hit me so hard today that, “Oh my gosh, this is holy ground, that I stand on, in my old little farmhouse with some clickety place in my kitchen floor. You know, with cracker crumbs all over and its sticky from somebody dropping something or the dog coming in and making a mess. Like it’s, this is holy ground that I stand upon.


   So, as I stood there in my kitchen, I started to think and visualize, literally, every step I was taking was magical, was amazing, was an adventure… Was such a gift with just full of gratitude. And as I walked around my house, I swear to you, it changed me today. Like each step that I took, I visualized, stepping on like magic. My foot like glowing… This is holy ground.


   Inside my home is holy ground, that I am so blessed to have.


   Now, no matter what size your home is, no matter if you live in one room and it’s somebody else’s house, or you have your own apartment, your own house… Maybe you’re in transition right now, this is your holy ground.


   This is where our children are brought up. This is where we can teach them. This is where our life is based, within our home. And that is a holy place. That is a beautiful thing, and something that we can be grateful for.


   So, as the world changes around us, as there may be turbulence or things we cannot control, I invite you to visualize with me... Close your eyes. Take a step. Picture your home being that magical holy place. Because it really is. It really is, when you let yourself feel gratitude, and feel the beauty.


   Is your house a mess? … Maybe. Are you struggling in relationships?... Maybe. But what do you have? What gifts do you have? Because, as a mom, this holy ground that we have is an opportunity for us to be the best that we could ever be.


   I really think I have changed so much as a person, becoming a mom, having a family. I mean, I have become a way better person now, than I was years ago. And I was trying to be a good person back then, but man, I’ll tell you, becoming a mom gives you the biggest opportunity to be the best that you can be.


   And if you don’t feel that way, right now… Especially right now, give yourself some grace. But as we shift our mindset, as we literally train our mind by visualizing… For me, it was literally, stepping on the floor and visualizing that this is holy ground. This is a gift that I have right now.


   Maybe for you, it could be visualizing you live in a palace. I mean, it could be anything that you can think of. But I invite you to visualize whatever you need to, to make you feel that what you have is a gift; what you already have, who you already are is a gift and to be grateful for it.


   Do not fear, momma, for your home is your safe place. And if that changes, if it moves to a different place, bless the new ground that you have. There are many changes. There are many things we cannot control. But remember, your home is a holy place. Your home is a gift.


   So, no matter what it looks like, no matter how big it is, no matter who might not be there anymore, or who is… Love your life now, and see your life, see your home, and your family as your safe place, as your rock. And that’s what you want to create for your family.


   Remember… Remember to be grateful for what we have, more than looking at what we don’t, or what we’ve lost, or what is different.


   Stay classy. Have some fun. Come over to Facebook or Instagram, join me in my stories, sharing about our remodeling of our house, different things that we’re doing. It’s super fun. We’d love you to come and join, participate in some of the polls and stuff.


   And I hope you’ll have a great rest of your day, and we'll see you next Tuesday on The Mom Training Podcast. And don’t forget to share the podcast. Come join us in our groups on Facebook and I hope you have a great day and we’ll see you next week.


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   So, why not come and dance with us, enjoy it and have some fun. So, go to, click on our free Dancing Through Motherhood Course, and get yourself signed up. Totally free. Use the coupon code MOTHERHOOD to get it 100% free.

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