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Self-Care Night Routine
Episode 137

December 15, 2020

Taking care of ourselves takes daily effort. One way we can increase our self care is to start it the night before. Listen today for tips on setting up your next day with what you're doing throughout your day now!

Diana Ballard

Mom Training

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Episode Transcript

The Mom Training Podcast with Diana Ballard


Diana:      The resistance is real! … How many times is our self-care interrupted? Uh- hmm… Yep. Can I get a raise of hands of someone whose self-care was even interrupted today? Or at least tempted to be interrupted? Uh-hmm …


   Sometimes, things get pretty busy and doesn't it seem like our self-care sometimes can be the first thing to go out the window. Well, that's kind of what we're working on not doing.


   Self-care is a huge topic here on The Mom Training Podcast, because we believe that if we can figure out a way in our own life and routine, to take better care of ourselves, we'll be better moms, wives, and housewives and enjoy those roles so much more.


   Let's feel that satisfaction and fulfilment from this life callings and rock it, because we feel good inside and out. So, we're going to discuss a tip to help us with our bedtimes. Not our family’s, our bedtime. [chuckle]


   Let's paint a picture, roll with this with me. You've been working on taking better care of yourself or striving to gain momentum and are trying to wake up before the rest of your family each morning. We know this requires going to bed earlier than we have in the past and continually working on it.


   You specifically have planned out a really productive day the next day, and are so excited for the continual new bedtime, and to tear it up next day. Everything is running right on schedule; dinner kids’ teeth are brushed and in their pajamas. Book reading and winding the kids down. It takes a little extra time. But no sweat, you’ve got a couple of extra minutes.


   After this, you planned to get your gym stuff ready. Make your husband a lunch, do the dishes, get yourself ready for bed. I got this. I got plenty of time.


   And then it happens... A child spills water all over their bed, someone's teething, a friend calls with something they need you for. Your husband wants to discuss an important topic. We find a hidden mess that needs assistance, right now, whatever. You name a situation; it'll probably happen in your career as mom… Hm-hmm…


   So, what do we do in those situations? Cry? [chuckle] Sometimes, we just might. I've had many a nights where I've been so frustrated because I wanted to get to bed early and it’s been interrupted.


   The goal is to create ways to make it, so if something does happen, we can adjust take the time and not let it affect our peace. So, let's talk about one tip that can help the nights go smoother, the bedtime stays closer to our goal, and to keep to our routine as best as possible.


   So, this bedtime tip is get the have-toos done early as possible, even on a good night. Because you never know what may happen. Especially, with young kids. They could need something or want to snuggle longer and those moments are the ones we strive to be available for.


   Is it still irritating sometimes? Yeah. Uh-hmm.


   But remembering again, that we have the power of choice, to be proactive in our lives and do something about our circumstances. And that our family and being available in times of need is our goal. And to do it in peace.


   Because when we're interrupted often, it can really start to wear on us. And we have to constantly work on being flexible, and helping our minds adjust when something unexpected happens, because in reality, that's what motherhood is, lots of adjustments and unknowns.


   And our complex minds and abilities, as women are created just for that. And the goal is to learn how to control what we can and let go of what we can’t. It’s something we constantly have to practice.


   So, let's dive into our routine, and where we can tighten up our evenings responsibilities. So, if we step back and look at our evening, what kinds of things do we find ourselves doing? That may trip us up sometimes, if there are unexpected changes. If you're more of a tactile - see in front of your face type of person, it might be beneficial to sit down and actually write out a list to sort these things out.


   What are the things being done in the evening that we could do earlier and not leave them to the very end of the night? Can we get ready for bed where the kids are? Take off our makeup, wash our face. Take care of our teeth. Set out tomorrow’s work clothes in the early afternoon. Make lunches for our kids or our husband early, say, as we're making dinner or even before that. Making our to do list throughout the day, for the next day. Picking up the clutter a little earlier and recruiting the kids to pick up messes and help out. What would work for you?


   The early preparation takes training our minds, because in my experience, it doesn't come natural to think about things like this. It takes extra thought and effort to design our schedule and surroundings. But we’re not going to be scared of that. Right?


   We can train our brains to think differently and create the lifestyle we want. So, whatever our goal is, to have the peaceful chillin’ environment to be happier, be more productive, live a dream… Whatever it may be it’s worth it to work on things like this.


   So, if we have come up with a couple of things that we could move to earlier in the day, let's give it a try this week, and see how it benefits us. And if we see a positive result, then let's continue to work on protecting our bedtime and getting the rest we need, so we can wake up the next morning and really go for it. And that really starts with being proactive and thinking ahead about how you can protect that evening time.


   It's all about a daily practice. Don't get too frustrated as we're practicing. Give yourself a break, because your variables and your household are constantly changing and unpredictable.


   So, don't lose hope. Just keep moving forward. Change isn't going to happen in a day. A habit isn't going to become a piece of you in a day.


   But it is the daily efforts and trying each day that's going to get us to our goal, one step at a time, ladies. One step at a time. Because our family is worth it and we're worth it to do these things. Our self-care is worth it. Our planning is worth it and getting enough sleep is worth it.


   We can't control everything that's in our house. But we can work, as diligently as possible, to make it as efficient as possible. Because in reality, we're like boss moms. I mean, we run this thing, and we can get better and better every single day and enjoy it more every single day. Little by little, we can get to the place that we want to go.


   So, let's make efficiency our best friend. And that's the best we can do as moms with handfuls of changes daily. To learn how to make our way of running our household efficient and rockin’.


   Let's not mess around with this. We’re capable of learning our own household - what to do and how. All it takes is daily practice. We can practice every day and be in a different place than we are right now or not. So, let us choose to continue to practice.


   Thank you for listening today. If you haven't subscribed, please do so. And thank you for everyone for telling other mommas, and we'll see you next week on The Mom Training Podcast.


   Thank you so much for tuning in to The Mom Training Podcast. If you liked what you heard, I would so appreciate a rating and review from you on any platform you listen to this on. If you have any questions or podcast ideas, you can message me on my social media at DinaBallardLive or shoot me an email on my website. See you next week

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