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Good to Be Back
Episode 177

September 21, 2021

What a blessing it’s been to take a little time off and reflect on what was most important. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we’re doing it makes it hard to give ourselves space to truly enjoy what we’re doing. Come listen to some things I’ve learned over the past couple months as I’ve stepped back and reflected on my life.

Diana Ballard

Mom Training

Good to Be Back

Episode Transcript

The Mom Training Podcast with Diana Ballard


Diana:   Hey, ladies... Wow, I am back… It has been a long time since I’ve picked up this microphone right now. I actually couldn’t find it. Like that has been since I recorded a podcast, right now. I’m coming back from eight weeks of post-partum leave and I worked my butt off to have everything for the podcast, in Mom Training, and all the emails and everything. Completely prepared or scheduled, or delegated to somebody else, so that I could have just some time-off.


   And I learned a lot of things during this time. One, because I literally didn’t do… Well, I guess I’d moderated the Mom Training calls every two weeks. That’s all I did… And I paid my employees. But everything else that I normally do with writing newsletters and different content, and doing all these things, I didn’t have to do any of that. And it was so nice. And it’s actually kind of hard for me to come back, right now, because man, I have felt things in these last eight weeks that I haven’t felt in quite a while.


   So, I’m going to share a little bit about what I’m feeling right now, what I felt for the last couple of months, and kind of tie it in to where this all started; where The Mom Training Podcast started, where Mom Training came from. And just share kind of a little bit of my heart, where my passion is, where my purpose is, and why I’m doing this.


   Before I started this podcast, things flowed ridiculously well in my home. And that’s because I did so much research. I’m a researcher. I love to learn. I’m constantly just evaluating my situations around me, asking questions… And I’m really good at being able to find things that work, and being able to implement them in my own life. And that’s where the ideas started to come, of I’m going to maybe… Entertain the idea of sharing this with other moms.


   One night… Let’s see, I’ve been a mom for about four years, I think… Yeah, about four and a half years, and I had two kids at the time, and I had put them both to bed. And then, I walked out in the hallway and I said to myself, “Man, this is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, being a mom.”


   And I had this little voice come into my head, that said, “Don’t you think you can take 10 to 15 hours a week to help other mothers feel the way you do right now?” And that stumped me, you guys. That the beauty that I was feeling, in that moment, for my home and for my children and for being a mom was beautiful and intense. I just felt so blessed in the moment. 


   When that voice spoke to me, it touched my heart and I said, “Okay, I’ll start the podcast.”


   It’d been running in my head, like ideas have been flowing for a couple of months before that. I’d put together kind of like a business plan and things I was wanting to do. And the moment right there was where the podcast started.


   In the next couple of weeks from that, I started The Mom Training Podcast.


   Jumped in, did my first episode. And I feel like the podcast has changed a lot. During that time, there was a straight focus. It’s a lot about the research, and a lot about the skills. But it’s also, about what I’ve learned as a mother and what I’m implementing and how I’m finding joy and beauty in the lessons that I’m learning. So, I’m so grateful for this podcast.


   But on the flipside, I’ll tell you that starting the podcast, especially starting a legit business of Mom Training, it’s kind of rocked my boat… That family life that flowed so smoothly – we were literally able to do anything, to be anything. I had unlimited possibilities… It has become a struggle, a little bit more.


   Now, am I still able to do lots of things? Yes. Am I still able to have possibilities and enjoy motherhood? Yeah. But it’s taken a lot more work, adding in a podcast that I have to create something every week. And then now, I’m running a business and then all the stuff that comes with that, having employees now and I’m the one in charge.


   But I’m also in charge of my household. So, it’s been a lot of work. It’s been kind of, I’ve gone back and forth, if this is worth it for me, because of how much it affects my own life, how much it takes away from what I really love doing, which is having an efficient home, which is having amazing relationships with my family, enjoying my children, and just feeling the most ultimate fulfilment I’ve ever felt by working my butt off in my home. And there still is a lot of that. But again, it’s taken a lot more work, when I have a lot more commitments and a lot more things pulling me.


   So, these six to eight weeks that I had off to myself, and I really didn’t do much work except, pay my employees and helping with Mom Training coaching calls… I enjoyed the heck [chuckle] out of this time. And that might surprise you because I have a new born. But it’s been glorious. It has been absolutely glorious. It hasn’t been a problem having a new born. It’s been the most flow that it’s ever been, in a long time. And that’s because I only had my home that I was focusing on.


   But again, and again, over in my heart is that there is a purpose for what I’m doing. And that’s what keeps me here, and that’s what pulls me and gives me the strength to keep going.


   So now, I’m on another journey. And I am actively searching for ways to keep this feeling that I have in my home right now, and in my heart right now, of just absolute bliss. Now, obviously, are there bad days? Yeah. If I don’t get enough sleep, because I’m up a lot with the baby and I decided to stay up that night, and then someone gets up at 6:00 in the morning… Oh, man… The post-partum depression stuff is really real for me when I don’t get enough sleep… I mean, there have been some bad days where I literally have felt hell in my chest, and in my mind. It’s just not good.


   But overall, I have felt joy and fulfilment and satisfaction that I haven’t experienced that deeply, and for that of a long period of time, in quite some time.


   So, I’m so grateful that I’d created this space for myself to recover and enjoy my family, and my home. And so, my new thing that I’m working on, that I’m actively practicing and researching for, is how to keep that feeling, and add the business in on the side.


   Because the business had started to take over for me, because it is a ton of work. Now, I hired employees right before I had my baby. I was like, “I need help.” I legit need help. Like I can’t do this anymore, it’s running me to the ground, getting all these stuff done, all by myself. Because I literally, was the only one working it.


   So, delegating has created so much more space for me to be able to enjoy life more.


   With time, and as I continue to learn new things about how to keep this family life in like bliss, and be able to be successful in my business as well, I’m going to be sharing some of those things with you. Some of these things I come up with, and again, just research based, and trying this out. Because that is the best way for us to learn, what works well for us and our family.


   So, I’m really excited to be back with you guys. I am planning on doing a birth story for you, and sharing that experience with you. Such a wonderful, wonderful experience. Intense, obviously, it was birth. But I am really stoked to bring you some new content, and share some love that I have for you, and your family, and how I want you guys to succeed… Like so badly.


   This is why I show up every week. This is why I’m doing what I’m doing is because, I love you, and I want your family to succeed. And I want you to be able to feel the bliss, the adventure, the fun, the fulfilment, the excitement, the satisfaction that can come from being a mom, and having a family, and running a successful, efficient, love-filled, just amazing household.


   So, thank you so much for being here. We have a lot more listeners. We have doubled, since I had my baby. And I thank you for whoever has been sharing, or whatever’s been happening, we’re expanding to different countries right now… It’s is amazing. It makes me want to cry because I’ve put in a lot of work for this, and to be able to reach more families, just brings me so much joy.


   So, if you think of anyone who might need The Mom Training Podcast, who might need to be in our community and be connected with us, please share it with them. Let’s bring in some more moms and some more families, and help them to enjoy what they’re doing, find satisfaction and just love the life that they have been given.


   Thank you so much for joining me. I’m excited for the new content that is coming. Stay tuned… Stay plugged in and we’ll see you next Tuesday, on The Mom Training Podcast.

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