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The Value Of Inner Peace
Episode 180

October 12, 2021

What matters the most to you, the luxuries of the world? Or true inner peace? While consumerism, marketing, and the best ‘NEW’ thing is flashed in front of our face daily, is this really what we want? Inner peace is becoming the new ‘must have’ and something to strive for in our lives. But how do we create that inner peace in ourselves and our home? Listen today as we discuss the value of inner peace and its benefits.

Diana Ballard

Mom Training

The Value of Inner Peace

Episode Transcript

The Mom Training Podcast with Diana Ballard


Diana:   Okay, we’re going to talk today, about the new must have. I mean, you’re going to want this. You crave it, you got to have it. Trust me, it is the biggest most, oh, amazing thing we could ever receive in this life. What is that? It’s inner peace.


   You’re like, “Diana what are you smoking?... Girl, inner peace?” I mean, that sounds like some hippie stuff. We’re going to go sit on a pillow, out in the middle of nature and put our little hands up on the side and sing Kumbaya, and hum a lot.


   No. Inner peace is going to be your best friend and honestly, it’s what everybody is looking for. In this world of so much commotion, and consumerism, and comparing, social media… Man, I can’t even think of something better than having inner peace at all times. That’s like enjoying the simple moments of being fully connected with your family. Feeling fulfilled…


   Going to bed each night without worry, like sleeping real good. “Man, I feel great.” Being content with our current situation. Trusting that like each step that we’re taking is getting us closer to our goals or being able to enjoy the moment even more. Just so excited about the future.


   Now, obviously, there’s going to be things that rock our boats. There’s going to be like, “Oh my gosh, it took me out of inner peace.” I’ll tell you right now, it’s a hard moment. And that’s reality. There’s going to be those hard moments.


   But what if you felt good, and had inner peace, the majority of the time? And I’ll tell you, inner peace takes work… I mean, inner peace is the opposite of anxiety; the opposite of depression. So, if you’re feeling anxious, if you’re feeling depressed, if you’re feeling down in any way, don’t you want to not feel that way?


   The opposite of that is inner peace. The opposite of that is, “Oh man, I can take a breather... Oh man, I just feel amazing about where I’m at or what I’m doing.” Inner peace.


   So, going along with that. I want to ask what matters most to you? Is it the luxuries of the world? Is it being seen… Heard? Being famous? I mean, what means the most to you? Is it looking really good? Looking really good on social media?


   There’s nothing wrong with looking good. You want to look amazing?... Do girl, go for it. But what is feeling it? Are you doing it because you want to feel good? You’re doing it because you want to be seen and someone to tell you, “You look good”?


   The inner peace is going to come from us doing things for ourselves. Doing things because we feel good about it, because we want to be healthy. We want to show up and feel confident on our own skin; with what we’re wearing, the way that we look. And maybe that’s with or without makeup. Maybe that’s showing up in your pajamas and feeling confident no matter what.


   So, what matters the most to you? Does true inner peace matter to you? And honestly, I can tell you right now, there’s someone listening like, “I just don’t know if that’s attainable with all the stress I have in my life. You don’t know my husband. My kids are a struggle. We’re struggling financially. I’m constantly just fighting one fire at a time. How can I have inner peace?”


   Well, it comes from one moment at a time. Like inner peace is learning a skill set. It really is. It’s learning how to process our emotions, be able to set down our stress, is a mindset, is a skill set that is practiced.


   So, let’s discuss a couple of ways that we can create inner peace. I’m just going to give you a couple of things that I love, and that have taught me many things; brought me a lot of inner peace. And I hope that they help you. I hope that you start to grow in your inner peace as well.


   So, the first thing of inner peace, I’m going to just throw it right out there, is our self-care. We have to take care of our bodies. Our bodies. We’re not even talking completely about mental and emotional health. We’re talking specifically about our bodies.


   Because inner peace comes from our hormones and our chemicals being balanced out. We literally are a chemical processing machine, our human bodies. And there are things that can get off. How those things get off? Chemicals in our food, lack of sleep, lots of stimulants – caffeine, lots of sugars. Things like literally, legit; scientifically mess up the chemicals in your body, and your hormones.


   And we’re putting a lot of those things in our bodies, often. And it’s like, “Man…” We these things but we continue to do them, which is slightly insane on our part. We all do it. None of us are perfect with putting absolute perfection, in our body, to make sure that it’s healthy and strong.


   We all have those days where we go and get something to eat out somewhere, or we buy ourselves a piece of candy, or we drink that soda at the barbeque. And that’s life. That’s balance. That’s also, why are bodies are amazing to process out some crap, sometimes.


   There are certain things I can eat, and tell right away, it’s messed up my chemicals, it’s messed up my hormones. Then I’m going to have to be careful to be nice for the next day or two. There are certain things that I have realized, “Okay, I really shouldn’t have that very often or ever.”


   But again, we find ourselves doing the same things sometimes.


   But on a regular basis, what are we choosing to put in our bodies, to help our bodies have inner peace and to feel good. Because what we put in our bodies is like what can be created out of it. And our mental and emotional state is what come out of our physical body.


   It’s a part of our physical body, yes… Of who we are, yes. But our physical health affects our emotional and mental health immensely. Getting enough sleep, and we can go into a whole thing of that… Of getting out our phones and focusing on creating inner peace in different areas in our life so we’re not laying there, thinking about things, organizing our thoughts. I mean, there’s lots of ways we can go with the sleep thing.


   But I want you to think about how you take care of your body and how you feel. And if there might be a correlation between – I’m eating a lot of live foods, a lot of vegetables, a lot of different things. I’m exercising, and taking care of my body. And I feel a lot better versus, I eat a lot of crap. I eat a ton of sugar, and drink a lot of soda. We eat out a lot. I don’t cook a lot of whole foods. I don’t actually exercise. And how do I feel?


   So, taking care of our bodies is literally the first thing we can control. Obviously, there’s health concerns, there’s hormonal imbalances that maybe we can’t control and maybe we need help with.


   But we can control, on a regular basis, what we put in our mouth, what we put in our body, and what we don’t. That’s something we can have a little more power over to be able to create inner peace.


   Number 2, what mindsets? What voices? What information? What pictures? What media are we putting in our minds? Because it’s those things that are going to come out of us again, and create emotional and mental struggles. Whether that be more consumerism, spend tons of money. We buy lots of things.


   We have soft addictions, where we get hit with a high of being encouraged, or a high of having certain likes on certain things, or again, buying something. Or being a workaholic because we find success in our workplace and maybe not in the home. But it still steals our peace because it’s not fulfilling. It’s not what is going to bring us the ultimate joy, and it can kind of suck from us.


   So, what information is being put in our mind? Are we spending most of our time on social media? Reading what a lot of people’s opinions are, which can totally screw you up. Five million opinions, again, going through social media, you scroll for a good five minutes; you’ve hit at least a hundred tragedies, at least a hundred different ways of thinking, a hundred different people asking for advice with some problem that they have or some concern…


   And I mean, we wonder why our minds struggle. We wonder why our minds struggle with inner peace… Because we’re bringing up… Like going in to TV shows. Man, I’ll tell you, some of these TV shows… I mean, are just poison. They’re just poisoning… He cheated on her. She fell down the stairs, broke her leg. She’s in the hospital with this… There’s this conspiracy… This person is doing this, and this, and this…


   I mean, it just clouds our minds with stuff that makes us worry or think about other people’s lives, other than taking care of our own life. And I understand wanting to get away from struggles in our own life. Just trying to check out. But is that the best way to do it? Is that going to bring us the inner peace that we are looking for?


   So, be mindful about what you’re putting in your mind. Be mindful of what you’re looking for, because what you put in is the result that you’re going to get out. If you don’t want your life to be hectic, stop putting hectic things in your mind.


   Stop putting high anxiety or sad moments, or other people’s life experiences that are challenging and trying them in your own mind, when you have your own that you need to take care of. Address those. Face them. Think about them and then do something about it.


   And that’s where you’re going to find inner peace. That’s where you’ll feel like you have a little bit more control, where you can come up with the solution. And again, that’s going to come with time and come with energy and effort. And we can’t have out minds be clouded with a bunch of other people’s crap. Other people’s marking for their own stuff like for us to buy, like pushing us. It’s not worth it.


   So, number 1, what are you doing with your health and how you’re taking care of your body to help create that inner peace? That comes out emotionally and mentally.


   Number 2, what are you putting in your mind? That’s helping you produce that inner peace, produce the results that you want. Instead of clouding it.


   I mean, there’s a million things you can listen to, of people encouraging you, motivating you, helping you to strengthen your skill sets, become a better person, whatever are you want to be. There’s tons of information like that. But you got to look for it.


   You got to find who you resonate with and stick with it. Listen to them. Let them encourage you. Let them teach you. And stay away from the crap. Stay away from the drama.


   And number 3, the most powerful way for us to have inner piece, is to utilize the higher power. Now, this is God, for me. It might be just a higher power, or spirit, or whoever it might be for you. But all I know is, is that when I’m struggling, when I’m searching for strategy, options. Trying to figure out how the heck to deal with a certain problem. How to navigate something with a child? How to get through an argument with my spouse?


   It is pulling on that higher power. Being able to let myself be inspired, and receive strategy that maybe I wouldn’t even have thought of. It’s in those moments where true inner peace is created. It is in those moments; all is well and all is still.


   So, I want to encourage you, whatever your belief system is, to tap in to the higher power. To be still for a moment and listen, and hopefully, you can find solutions that maybe you would never have thought of, without that inspiration, without that higher power teaching you, helping you. And that we’re letting the higher power help us.


   It’s a beautiful thing... A beautiful thing.


   Take care of your body. Be careful what you’re putting in your mind, and let yourself be inspired and enjoy the feeling of inner peace.


   You know what, if you’re going to sit your little booty on a little pillow out in nature… Oh, doesn’t that sound nice? Chilling just a minute. Relaxing. Being still… Then you do it girl. But it might be standing in your kitchen sink. It might be being still in a bathtub.


   Let yourself be still. Let your heart be at peace. And I hope you can utilize these three things to feel good and have that inner peace that is a gift to anyone who receives it. And it’s the new must have and something to strive for in our lives.


   We'll see you next Tuesday on The Mom Training Podcast.

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