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Celebrating Differences
Episode 183

November 2, 2021

Let’s celebrate the different types of people around us. But let’s not forget to enjoy and celebrate who we are and remember that we are important and make a difference in our own little circle and world.

Diana Ballard

Mom Training

Celebrating Differences

Episode Transcript

The Mom Training Podcast with Diana Ballard


Diana:  All right, ladies, so a lot has changed in Mom Training over the last couple of months. So, I thought I’d explain what Mom Training is. It’s a group of mothers who are looking for community and are hungry for inspiration for being their best selves.


   We have workshops twice a month, with experts like child psychologists, marriage and family therapists, meal prep masters, emotional intelligent experts and more. We’ve had so many amazing experts in with us in Mom Training the last couple of months.


   So, we meet through Zoom, on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, at 7:00 PM, mountain standard time. You could communicate during the call, through the chat or just listen in. We have a Facebook group where we continue the conversation later about how we’re applying what we learned and get ideas, share progress, and find solutions together. And Mom Training is a literal training program and a fun and engaging learning environment for motherhood, and running a household.


   For $67 a month, you get to be a part of the best motherhood community, make new friends, learn from experts that have been carefully hand picked for moms’ needs. And you’ll be inspired on how to be a better mom, in and outside the home.


   SO, the only thing missing in there is YOU! So, go to, stop putting it off, and come join Mom Training today.



   All right ladies, I have a super announcement to share with you. Two things that we have been building on the back side of The Mom Training Podcast and Mom Training is that we are now expanding to be able to share The Mom Training Podcast with the hearing impaired.


   And what that means is that we are having the podcast transcribed. Meaning that it’s typed up, word for word, so that someone that is hard of hearing, or maybe doesn’t have the opportunity to listen, you can now read the podcast episodes. And be able to study them, be able to enjoy them in a different way than just listening.


   I am so excited to announce that we have about 50 of the podcasts already transcribed at this time. And they are on my website, So, if you know a mom, or a woman who wants to be a mom that would benefit from The Mom Training Podcast, and would appreciate or needs the transcripts or the podcast that’s typed up, they can read it instead of listen to it, please send them over to my website.


   I’m so excited to expand The Mom Training Podcast to more people. So, with that, I want to lead into our topic for today. And that’s about celebrating our differences.


   It can be really challenging to love ourselves when there’s so many different types of people to compare ourselves to… And that mostly comes through social media. That literally, is where a lot of our mental and emotional problems stem from.


    In my opinion, is when we see other people’s lives, what they’re doing, how we perceive how they’re doing… Not seeing any of their struggles… “Oh, they must have it so good… Oh man, look at the relationship with their husband… Look at their house…” And I am not like that. Maybe I don’t enjoy those same things, but maybe it looks like it’s what I should be doing. Right?  


   We all know that. We all know like, we don’t compare ourselves, whatever…


   But the world is a beautiful place because of our differences. Because people like different things. Because they’re passionate about different things. Because they dress in different ways. Because they like different foods. Because they laugh at different things; have a different sense of humor. They’re motivated about different ways. They love certain colors… The reason why the world is such a beautiful place is because we are different.


   So, as we are going about our day, and we see lots of different types of moms, lots of different types of people around us, lots of different types of ways to raise our children and to love our children…


   How can we love who we are, right now, in who we are… And that we might be different than the person next to us, and the person down the street. And to be able to let that person be them, and to let us be us. And honestly, I think it might be easier to let other people be them, and then we struggle a lot more with us, feeling like, “Oh well, what if I want to dread my hair?” Which is coming up, by the way, for me. [chuckle]


   What if I want to dread my hair? What if I want to homeschool my kids? What if we don’t want to do this traditional thing? What if we want to… I don’t know… Buy 500 animals… Which, that is not my thing. I’m just saying, it could be somebody’s. And I know people that do have tons and tons of animals.


   What if I want to live in a tiny house? What if I want to live in a big house? What if I want to do all these different things? What if I love old people so much, that I just can’t stand myself running up to these cute little old ladies, or old man, and just like wanting to be around them?


   I mean, there’s pieces of us that are different, that need to be celebrated. So, as I’m celebrating right now with our … We’re expanding our ability to connect with other families, and people that are different. People that struggle with different things than I struggle with… And just ways that we can help each other.


   Let’s celebrate who we are, what we have to offer, and what we love. Because doing what we love, even if it’s different… If you want to dance around like a hooligan, then do it dude. If you want to be a still person that likes to read books, then do it. If you want to change the world, go out and do it.


   Be who you want to be. Celebrate who you are in your differences and let’s love each other. And to pull this in as well – let’s let our husbands be different than us, our children be different than us, and to love them in their differences. Diversity and harmony is one of the best gifts we could ever give or receive, and one of the most amazing feelings to be able to embrace the differences in people.


   So, as you go about your day today, I want you to love yourself, and your quirks. The way that you’re different, and just who you are. And then, by first being mindful of that, now let’s be mindful of other people and their differences, and their quirks, and what makes them, them.


   You’re a great mom! Your quirks and your differences are beautiful.


   Thank you for being here on the podcast with us right now. Whether you’re a different culture, a different race… The sports mom, the hippie mom, the got-it-all-put-together mom, whatever you are, thank you for being here and welcome to our community. And we'll see you next Tuesday on The Mom Training Podcast.

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