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Your Greatest SUpport
Episode 186

November 23, 2021

Having a good support system is crucial to being a happy mom. Sometimes we can feel alone in our daily tasks and wish we had someone to lean on or listen to us. Our greatest support system might be right around us, have we tapped into it? Mom Training is the best resource for moms to get the support they need, be a part of a community, and learn how to become a better mom- cause we’re in this together!

Diana Ballard

Mom Training

Your Greatest Support

Episode Transcript

The Mom Training Podcast with Diana Ballard

Diana:  Ladies, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. It is Black Friday Week, and we’re having an awesome sale in Mom Training. For this week only, from today through the weekend, we are doing 50% off for the first three months of Mom Training, for you to come try it out. Go to, use the code BLACKFRIDAY, and let’s grow, learn and become better moms together.


   Okay, let’s talk about one of our greatest support systems around us. Now, this is something that you might be like, “Well, yeah. I could’ve thought of that” or it could be like, “Hmm… maybe I could increase what I’m doing right now, to make my support system stronger just from day to day.”


   So, I want you to picture yourself going through the grocery store… You’re going through the aisles, you have kids dropping things, one’s on your phone. One might be crying… You’re having kind of a hard day. And you’re already feeling self-conscious about your kids, kind of acting up a little bit. But you’re tired. You’re having a hard time. And you’re just trying to get your grocery shopping done and get out of the store.


   And then, another woman walks by you, and smiles at you, and say, “Your kids are really cute” or “Hey, do you need something?” … And a lot of times, we’ll say, “Oh no, I’m fine. Thank you so much.” Right?


   But how much did it mean, for that mom or that woman to say, “Hey”, or just acknowledge that they see you and that you’re there. A warm smile, a warm welcome, a hello…


   We’ve all had those types of experiences where it’s been a cold exchange, where you’ve kind of just pretended like you didn’t see the person in the aisle with you, or you’re looking down at your phone, or you bend over to look at something you’re not even going to purchase… Hey, I’ve done it before. [chuckle] Specially on days where I’m not having a good day.


   Yeah, there might be moments when I avoid eye contact or don’t want to talk to somebody. But in those moments, when we’re either one of those people, right now… That we take a moment to just smile, to just acknowledge that another person is there, to let someone know that they’re not alone, that’s gold.


   So, part of this podcast today, I want to encourage you to be the woman, or be the mom that smiles. You don’t have to stop and have a five-minute conversation, you don’t have to get their number, you don’t have to be their best friend… But just like, “Hey, how’s it going?... Great.” Smile.


   Then you bump into them in the store again, “Oh, looks like we’re on the same aisle.” Be friendly. Be warm. Be inviting. And you never know what your kindness, literally just a smile, could do to someone’s day.


   Our greatest support system is us moms loving and accepting and encouraging other moms. That is our greatest gift. That is our greatest support, because we’re all going through it. We’re all in it together.


   And if we put down the different stereotypes, the different ways of doing things, of different ways people dress, we’re all in the experience of motherhood right now, as moms. We’re all working to try to do the best we can, with what we have.


   So, as we’re going about our day, and interacting with other people around us, let’s be friendly. Let’s love the people that we come into contact with. And together, as we support each other, as we let each other know that we’re not alone, that we can do things together… That, my friend, is where our greatest support comes from.


   So, on those days where you’re struggling, you’re feeling down, feeling depressed, feeling anxious, struggling… I hope that a mom smiles at you. And then on days, where you’re feeling a lot better yourself, that you too can be that mom. Because us, as moms, are the greatest support system have.


   If you don’t have mom friends, you need them. Put yourself in situations where you can meet new people, open yourself up, talk to people, be friendly, let people in… And life is so much better when we don’t try to do it alone.


   If you haven’t already checked out our Black Friday deal for Mom Training, it is 50% off Mom Training for three months, which is insane. That’s the best sale that we have ever had since the very beginning when we got started. So, if you’ve been interested in Mom Training, I highly recommend, coming and checking it out. Jump in on this opportunity in joining us, because we’d love to have you. Let’s learn together, grow together. This is your community, your support system. It’s awesome.


   I hope you all had a great weekend with your family, and we'll see you next Tuesday on The Mom Training Podcast.

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