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If You Knew You Couldn't Fail
Episode 194

January 18, 2022

One thing we are blessed with is the ability to access and create change. There are things we want to manifest into our lives that can seem distant, but as we choose to adjust our mindset and believe things are possible for us, we are able to create our future, design motherhood, and live the life WE want to live. Whatever hand of cards we’ve been dealt in life, it’s time to utilize what we have and create a life that we enjoy and are proud of.

Diana Ballard

Mom Training

If You Knew You Couldn't Fail

Episode Transcript

The Mom Training Podcast with Diana Ballard


Diana:  Hey, ladies. Welcome to The Mom Training Podcast. I hope that you are having a great day today, and being able to find joy in the things you are doing as a mom or as an individual. And just having a rocking day, because it is a beautiful day.


   We are so blessed for what we have already been given and what is in our lives, and I hope you can feel that. And if you’re not feeling that, I hope today’s podcast can kind of help you to find some hope, to be able to enjoy your life and design it even more.


   So, what would your life look like if you chose to design it? What if those things that you actually wanted could come true?


   I invite you to challenge your extremist mindset, of that either you can have what you want or sacrifice everything. This is something that’s seems to be a cultural thing, and a human thing; to be extreme and think we can only choose one way of doing things.


   And being a mom, does not have to suck, you guys. I mean, there’s going to be times that suck, right? There’s going to be times that are hard, that stretch us that are like, “Oh my gosh, I don’t think I can take another minute...”


   But being mom in general doesn’t have to suck. There can be more enjoyable moments than bad moments, if we work at it, or we try to change our mindset, and it takes work. And it’s not always going to feel that way.


   But are there going to be times that we’re struggling? Yeah. In survival mode for a minute because of outside circumstances… Yeah, baby. [chuckle]


   But I want to invite you again to let your mind be neutral for a minute as I talk to you about a couple of things. If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? Really, like tell me…


   If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? What type of life would you want to create?


   And everyone’s view and choices are going to be completely different. Your dream life will be completely different than anyone you know and interact with, which is wonderful and what makes life so beautiful is the differences in desires of each person.


   So, let’s think for a minute. If you have something that you want, are there other people in the world who have it? Whether that be the house, or the relationships that are thriving, or the type of health that you’re looking for, or the type of financial freedom that you’re looking for.


   Does somebody else have that result? Yeah.


   Part of the reason why we want certain things is because we see it in other people and we’re like, “Man, that would be really nice to no stress about this. I can see that this person doesn’t stress about it.”


   At least that’s what it is for me. I’m like once I learn something that’s like, “Wow, that person is able to travel and homeschool and have a sexy relationship with their husband, and they feel really good and healthy. And you can tell they feel confident in their own skin. Oh man, I just love that… You know, I think I’m going to try for that too, maybe with my own spin on it.”


   But being able to see possibilities of what other people have can open our minds to thing that we might want in our own life. So, let that be an encouragement to you, that if one person can have it, so can you. Is it going to look 100% the same as that person? No.


    We’re going to have our own twist to it and don’t expect it to look exactly like that other person. Because that’s an expectation that’s going to lead us to trouble. If we’re wanting to be exactly like somebody, then that’s going to create some problems in our own life.


   We need to create own vision, and make out own dream come true. Just like it did for that person. The best part about designing our life as a mother is that with a little organization training, practicing our priorities, taking care of those things first, we can literally create time for extra things we love and want to manifest in our life.


   And I truly believe that when we honor our family and our household, and put their needs first and prioritize what’s important inside the home, then the possibilities for life truly open up.


   There are two ways you can put your family first. It can be as a martyr, and sacrifice every piece of you to make everyone happy, which sounds like a horrible way of doing things, if you ask me. Or you can increase your skill set, inside the home, so that you take out the unnecessary time wasters, refine your tasks, delegate in excellence and run your household like a boss, so that you have time to take care of what what’s important. Love your family, take care of yourself, create the life that you want. 


   Now, you might be ready to throw a stick at me and say, “Diana, you have no idea how hard life is, right now, to even take care of the little things. I’m struggling. I’m in survival mode. I don’t see a way out.”


   Okay, okay, okay. All right. Hold on. Hold on… Let me stop you for a minute…


   If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? If you were crazy enough to believe that you might actually obtain what it is that you desire and work towards it each day, in one action, one decision at a time… If you were one of those optimistic people who actually get what they want, how would that make you feel?


   This is where out focus needs to be. I understand that there are hard times... I’ve been through a couple of huge survival moments, and man, it really is about getting through that moment.


   But being able to have that vision on the other side of like, “Okay, I’m just going to get through this survival moment, but I still have in my view, where I want to go.” And even if it’s taking a tiny step a week, tiny step a day towards this vision, that’s going to give us hope. That’s going to take that survival moment, and give us just a little bit of hope, to keep us moving.


   Our minds have been accustomed to believe certain things, and we have to train it to think another way. What if you were the ones who had what you wanted? And why not it be you?


   It really is about belief. Deciding what you want and learning how to create it. There are people living the dream you desire, or something similar. Learn from them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and start to model your behaviors, choices and actions after what they do, and manifest those results in their life.


   Be you by choosing what you want and creating it. Design your life, design what you want motherhood to look like and enjoy yourself.


   I do want to address that maybe you’ve been dealt a hard hand of cards for your motherhood experience. Maybe you didn’t start out on the best foot. People changed. They left. They deserted you. Some unfortunate events have happened... I get it and I’m sorry. And life can really be challenging and those survival moments are real, that we have to get through.


   But taking your cards that you currently hold in your hand, what can you create? How can you create joy, beauty, fulfilment in your own situation and make your life your own?


   Again, not what someone else has, and trying to be exactly like them, that might have different cards than you… Maybe they’ve been dealt different hard cards than what you have. We don’t always know everybody’s problems. We might see one thing that we really look up to, and want to be just like them in, and maybe life’s cards just made it so they can reach those things but you don’t know what their struggling with either.


   It’s possible for us to create something beautiful and to enjoy our life with what we already have to work with. So, I invite you to take your life, your time, your energy, your dream, your desire and build something with it. Create a vision that brings you joy. Create that desire that you have inside of you. Search for it. Manifest it. Make that plan. Make it come true.


   I believe in your abilities to do this… And we'll see you next week on The Mom Training Podcast.

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