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Dancing Through Motherhood

Get Healthy, Have Fun, And Lose Weight While Enjoying Motherhood

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Mother and Child

Dance While You Tidy Up The House

Tasks like laundry, sweeping, and picking up the living room just became YOU time.

Couple in a Kitchen

Dance While You Work In The Kitchen

Doing the dishes, making dinner and cleaning up the mess just got a lot more enjoyable.

Combine Quality Time & Self Care

Bring fun into your daily activities and spend quality time with your family as you get stuff done.

Happy Family

Get Healthy While Enjoying Motherhood

Feel good, move your body, and be proud of your efforts to take care of yourself.

Beautiful Smiling Woman
It's Time To Take Care Of Yourself...
Why Not Have Fun Doing it?

Struggle to find time to exercise?

Feel like you run out of time?

Hanging on to some extra baby weight?

Look No Further! 

Come join a group of moms who are dancing while doing their normal housewife and mom responsibilities. Whether it be doing your dishes, folding laundry, or sweeping your floor, you can have fun, lose weight AND get stuff done around your house!


Mother and Daughter Love
Here's What You'll get:

The What, Why, And How Of Dancing Through Motherhood

Learn how to combine Motherhood and self-care. Take your daily household activities AND combine exercise, quality time, and fun!


Tips To Getting Started - 

Learn how to get your body moving, organize your time/energy, prioritize your needs, learn about nutrition, and more!


Dance Lessons- 

Don't know how To Dance? No Problem! Learn Some Simple Techniques To Help You Go From Beginner To 'Dance Babe'


Additional Kitchen Workouts- 

Dancing Not Getting You The Results You Want Fast Enough? Try Adding Some Additional Kitchen Exercises To Your Routine



Support & Friends- 

Come Join Our Fun-tastic Dancing Through Motherhood Facebook Group. Share Dancing Videos, Healthy Food's We're Eating, And Be Inspired Together!

Music Playlists- 

Struggling To Find Music To Dance To? We Have You Covered! Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel And Use Our Dancing Through Motherhood Playlists To Dance!


'Dancing Through Motherhood'  Events & Dance Parties! Course Members Will Receive Free Gifts, Discounts, And More!

*** Always Talk To Your Doctor Before Doing Any New Exercise.

By Joining, You Release Any Responsibility From Diana Ballard & Mom Training International LLC


Yours Today for $37

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Meet Diana
Diana is a mom of 3, a happy wife, and loves to dance. She started 'Dancing Through Motherhood' as a way to take care of herself, multitask, and have more fun doing her household responsibilities.
In the first 4 months of practicing Dancing Through Motherhood, she felt so much better, enjoyed motherhood more, and lost 20 pounds! She's continued dancing and it has made life so much more fun and healthy as a mom!
Her hope is to spread the joy, fun and health to other moms and families as they join in Dancing Through Motherhood!
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