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Mom Training Conference 


The 'Mom Training Program' has 5 elements:

Nutrition: How to feel Vibrant and energized, no matter where you are in your health journey. Become educated in ways that can make your whole family feel healthy and happy. Create strong immune systems and be chemically balanced physically, emotionally and mentally. How to make healthy food prep easy, tasty and on a budget.

Self-Care: How to create time for what you need. Figure out what your priorities are and how to honor them through your time and energy, giving you a deeper sense of fulfillment and gratitude at the end of the week. Why taking time for yourself will benefit your family immensely. How to feel well taken care of on a regular basis. Explore what 'fills your bucket,' making you feel refreshed, alive and how to add them to your schedule.

Relationships: Why relationships are important. How to create a support system around you. How to communicate clearly and present your needs in a positive, constructive way. Why asking for help can become one of your greatest strengths. How to get your whole family on board with your new way of living as a balanced, happy mom.

Emotional/Mental Coping Skills: How to simplify your life and schedule to not feel overworked and overwhelmed. How to prevent frustration and stress through planning and organizing. How to remove the guilt by prioritizing what's important and learning to say no to everything else.

Routine/Organizational Skills: The first step in creating the life you desire is learning how to organize your priorities into your schedule. Learn how to organize your tasks, responsibilities and mind. How to declutter your schedule and choose what occupies your time and utilizes energy.

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