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The Mom Training Podcast

I want to announce The Mom Training Podcast! Whether you are a Momma or want to become one in the future, this podcast is for you! The podcast discusses skills and strategies to make and keep motherhood fun, peaceful, organized and adventurous! It covers 5 topics, Nutrition, Self-care, Routine/Organizational Skills, Emotional/Mental coping, and Relationships. I invite you to check it out! And if you like it, subscribe and share with your friends! Here is how to find The Mom Training Podcast: 1. Download a podcast app Podcast apps for iPhone: Use the "Podcasts" app usually found on Apple products automatically. Search it in your App Store, purple icon... Podcast apps for Android: Podcast Go Podcast Addict 2. Search “The Mom Training Podcast” 3. Listen and enjoy 4. Subscribe and share with your friends! 5. Come back and listen every Tuesday! Hope you enjoy it and thank you for checking it out! Xoxo :) Diana

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