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Baked Chicken Veggie Kabobs - A Great Way To Kick Start Summer At Home!

Summer is coming and we thought we’ll kick start it with a summery dish. And what more can remind us of summer than those delicious, colorful, Mediterranean kabobs? This is such an amazing and tasty dish that you can enjoy for lunch in your backyards, and a great way to incorporate vegetables into your kids’ diets. There's a lot of vegetables in this recipe, and the veggies used in kabobs have different colors and are usually cooked to a crisp so it’s fun to bite into as well. It is a colorful, appealing, and yummy dish.

Kabobs are a popular Mediterranean recipe that can be served with salads, pita bread, and even buttered rice. It can also be enjoyed on its own because it is just that good. It is so healthy especially if you use chicken because all the ingredients are organic and there are a lot of veggies incorporated in the dish. This is usually grilled, but we’ll bake them instead so we can easily cook them in the kitchen. It will be less messy, so it’s perfect for moms who are so busy. Baking will also give us juicier kabobs and you can use those juices to make other sauces or gravy.

This is a quick dish to prepare if everything is planned in advance.

You’ll need:

Fresh lemon juice

Balsamic vinegar

Olive oil

Dijon mustard


Minced garlic





For the kabobs:



Red bell pepper

Green bell pepper

Red onion

Barbeque sticks or skewers

Preparing the marinade and the ingredients…

First things first - the marinade. This is a highly potent and flavorful marinade that will not only make this recipe incredibly delicious… it will make it appealing to the eyes too. The balsamic vinegar will give a nice caramelization to the chicken and colorful vegetables. It’s going to be hard to resist a bite! Just mix all the marinade ingredients together in a bowl. Adjust the amount of salt and lemon juice according to your taste. You can reserve some of the marinade sauce aside if you want side salad with your kabobs.

Wash the chicken thoroughly and pat it dry. You can use chicken breast or boneless thigh parts. Slice the chicken into cubes. Same process with your button mushrooms, and you can use shitake mushrooms for a stronger flavor.

Wash your colorful vegetables and let them dry as well. Cut it all up into cubes or big chunks.

Put the chicken, mushrooms, and vegetables into a huge bowl and pour the balsamic herb marinade. Be generous! Make sure everything is covered because the ingredients will easily soak up the sauce. Toss it all around. Put everything inside the fridge to marinate the vegetables and the chicken at least overnight. We marinated ours for a day and a half so that the flavors will really get into those chicken pieces and veggies.

Now, let’s make those delicious kabobs!

Let’s preheat the oven so we can cook the kabobs once they are ready to be baked!

After turning the oven on, take out the chicken and veggies from the fridge. We’re going to assemble these tasty ingredients. You’ll see that it soaked up all of the marinades and we can’t wait to cook these! Assemble the kabobs by threading the vegetables and chicken pieces one by one onto the sticks or skewers. Alternate the veggies, and make sure there are tiny spaces in between so that the heat can circulate and everything will be cooked evenly.

Place parchment paper onto the oven tray because kabobs produce a lot of juice while cooking. Place the kabobs onto the tray and start baking! Bake everything for 10-15 minutes.

When it’s done, take out the tray and just take a look at those delicious, caramelized kabobs! Best served with garlic and yogurt dip, and with some side salad. Just use your leftover balsamic herb marinade!

If you enjoyed this recipe, let us know. Here’s the link to this throwback Meal Monday video:

Let us know if you enjoyed it by leaving your messages in the comments section. Have a great week, moms!

- Micah from Mom Training


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