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A New Day Tomorrow...

Man! Being a Momma can be stressful sometimes. I sit here a little wound up. My house is a mess with stuff everywhere... Laundry, toys, winter coats, hats, blankets, and dinner mess all still out. But, the kids are in bed... praise my husband for putting them to bed tonight. It was a long day. The good thing is I’m on track to get to bed between 8:30/9 tonight so I can get up at 5. I got to bed late last night so I didn’t get MY TIME this morning before everyone got up. The mornings I sleep in I always feel like something is missing... it is... this is when I process things on my mind, organize my thoughts and tasks for the day and have my God time. So I’ve felt a little drained and off today. But tomorrow will be different. I will get more sleep, have my time, and have a more balanced day tomorrow on the inside. (Emotionally) So I’m off to do a little writing, clean up the leftovers, get ready for bed and get some rest. I hope you can do the same mommas. Whatever your day looked or felt like, hope tomorrow is bright and happy. ❤️ 

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