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Simply Delicious Mushroom Chicken Ravioli

Hey there, busy mom!

We love pasta, so for this week, we will be sharing with you one of our previous recipes, which is our irresistible mushroom chicken ravioli. This is something that we can only usually enjoy in restaurants, but great news - now we can make some at home too! This way we know what we’re putting into the recipe and we can control how fresh the ingredients are. Not to mention that this is much more affordable because we can make a huge batch for our family and friends.

Everybody loves pasta, especially ravioli. What’s there not to like? It’s basically egg dough with some cheese or meat filling. This pasta recipe will surely burst with lots of flavors. In some cases, it’s filled with vegetables and herbs as well. Another important ingredient in this recipe is mushrooms, and we either love or hate them. There’s just no in-between! So for those who love mushrooms, this recipe is a gift to humanity.

We will be using frozen or pre-packaged ravioli because making those from scratch takes a significant amount of time. Here at Meal Monday, we want to make sure that we can whip up great meals efficiently while ensuring that every food we place on our table is healthy and delicious. This ravioli recipe with a savory, garlicky twist is something you wouldn't be able to resist, and it might just become your next comfort food. Let’s get started!

You’ll need:

Chicken marinated in Italian dressing


Button mushrooms

Garlic powder


Salt (as needed)

A bit of oil

Frozen or pre-packaged ravioli

What we want to do is to marinate the chicken breasts in Italian dressing for about a day and a half to ensure that all the flavors really get in there. Marinating the meat for a longer period will also make it really tender. We got our marinated chicken from the grocery, so feel free to buy something that’s already prepared if you want the process to be quicker as well.

Get the chicken pieces and make sure you thaw them first if you put them in the freezer.

Slice the chicken breast into bite-sized pieces and put everything in a pan or skillet.

Chop up some white onions and put them into the pan, along with the chicken.

Now we will go ahead and prepare our mushrooms! We used button mushrooms for this recipe, but you may use whatever kind of mushroom you prefer. Make sure the mushrooms are dry and cut them into small pieces.

Pour some oil into the pan and saute the chicken, onions, and mushrooms until cooked. Add a little bit of the Italian dressing as well. Leaving some of the sauce or recipe will give flavor to our pasta.

Don’t forget to season your chicken and mushrooms with some garlic powder, pepper, and some salt if you think you need it to be saltier.

Grab your frozen or pre-packaged ravioli and boil some pasta. Cook it for about 5 minutes. Once it’s al dente, drain, and add in some of our chicken and mushrooms. Season everything as needed. You may also add in some cream to make a luscious ravioli sauce.

You can add variety to this recipe by checking what you have in your kitchen. Add in your favorite dried herbs and spices, and some parmesan cheese if you like. Parsley bits would be a great garnish to this heartwarming meal.

Serve while hot on your dinner table! All that’s left to do is to enjoy this meal.

We hope you loved this recipe! You may check out the full Meal Monday video here. Don’t forget to leave comments and suggestions and see you again next week!

- Micah from Mom Training


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