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Instant Pot Italian Sausage Soup For The Holiday Rush

Hey there, busy mom!

How’s it going? Wishing you had an amazing Christmas with your loved ones! We just finished celebrating a major holiday and we only have a few days to prepare for the next one! We know how busy it is during these times, so for this week we are sharing with you a quick recipe that will not crowd your kitchen sink. As always, we’d like to invite you to subscribe to Mom Training as we are gearing up for the upcoming New Year. We’re here to provide support for busy moms and to provide the best recipes we can prepare for our families.

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This week’s recipe is Instant Italian Pot Sausage. It takes only about 25 minutes to make and you can serve it with some cornbread and your favorite salad for a healthy meal. We can’t wait for you to try it so let’s get started.

You’ll need:

Instant pot


Cooking oil

3 carrots

A cup and a half of chopped onions

2 cloves of garlic


½ teaspoon of dried basil

½ teaspoon of dried oregano

About 8 cups or 1 whole package of beef bone broth

Pinto beans

Northern beans



Let’s start by sautéing the sausages in the instant pot. Just add in a little bit of cooking oil and toss in the sausages. We used turkey sausages with rosemary in this recipe, but feel free to use what you have or prefer. This will only take you a few minutes until the sausages are done.

While the sausages are cooking, let’s chop up some onions until you get about a cup and a half, 2 cloves of garlic, 3 whole carrots, and some celery sticks. Add these veggies in the pot and sauté for a couple of minutes. Don’t forget to add in some more oil if you think it’s necessary.

Now for the seasoning part! After the sausages and veggies are sautéed, let’s add in about half a teaspoon of dried basil leaves, and half a teaspoon of dried oregano leaves. This combination of herbs will really elevate this recipe and give it that Italian flavor that nobody can resist.

Also add the pinto beans and northern beans in the pot for more protein and bits of flavor. Let's cook everything together for about 5 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

The recipe calls for about 5 cups of beef bone broth, but to maximize everything and to avoid leftover ingredients in the fridge, let’s add the entire broth pack in the pot. This makes about 8 cups of beef bone broth.

Season with salt and pepper, and keep everything cooking for about 25 minutes.

And there we go! Another quick, healthy meal to serve on our tables as we get ready for the New Year. You can watch the full Meal Monday video here, and don’t forget to leave your comments. We love hearing from you! See you soon and Happy New Year in advance!

- Micah from Mom Training


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