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Keep Dreaming, Keep Moving

Whatever you circumstances, whatever you think you’ve won or failed at, life has unlimited possibilities. 

And it’s all possible while having a family and keep them as a priority.

Today was an awesome day. 🎉 Thursday’s are my work day. I push so much at the beginning of the week, and am up 2-4 times in the night with Rowan, that by the time I get to Thursday’s I’m completely worn out... so today started off with a 2 hour nap, while my nanny watched my kids.... 😂 #mompreneurlife #wortheverypenny Then I left and met with a lawyer and hammered out a bunch of legal logistics. Then met with someone who runs business entrepreneurial boot camps who gave me tons of resources and connected me with a handful of female entrepreneurs in Utah and told me to start taking them to lunch. #score Then I met with a story coach, who helps take your story and mold it into a transformational story and how to pull out the pain points, solutions and powerful emotion. I’m excited cause I actually made a deal with this coach and we’ll be meeting every two weeks indefinitely. He’s a business coach as well. Which working with a coach 100% excels my progress and I’m SUPER excited. Then I went to a business and engineering meet up for a contest I’ve entered. I networked and got free chipotle for dinner. Yum 😋 THEN my favorite part, I came home to my sweet hubby and preciously squishy little kids. Loved on them, and sent them off to bed. #familylife Anyway, cool things coming in the near future. I’m excited to share it with you. 💕 Life is really really good. 🙏❤️ Side note: I was actually so excited talking to my mom, after the first 3 meetings, on the drive to the meetup, that I drove pass my exit by 15 mins.... 😂😂😂 Got a pretty good laugh about that.  

My challenge got you is to find something that makes YOU feel alive and well. You got this.