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Let’s Make 2 Meals In One Go: Stir Fried Veggies With Rice and Squash Casserole

Hey there, busy mom!

Hope your week is a blast as always. Today we will be sharing with you 2 meals that you can make simultaneously so you can serve more flavorful dishes to your family. These dishes are: Stir Fried Veggies With Rice, and Squash Casserole Dish. The 2nd dish is our take on a Thanksgiving classic. These recipes are full of flavor, fun, and easy to make. They are also full of vegetables and protein so it will do wonders to the health of your family. As we know by now, healthy meals are a priority here at Mom Training.

These recipes will also make use of your leftover food, so you can finally put those to good use. We love maximizing whatever we have in the kitchen. Let’s get started!

You’ll need:

Vegetables of your choice (we suggest veggies that taste amazing when stir fried such as carrots, bell peppers, sugar snap peas, green beans, etc)

Yellow squash

Pieces of boiled chicken breast

Leftover rice

A can of creamy chicken soup

Teriyaki sauce

2 packs of stuffing




A cup of sour cream

We will start this recipe by boiling some chicken, and then slicing or shredding them into pieces.

Gather your vegetables (can be your leftover vegetables from another meal too) and stir fry everything in a pan. While that’s cooking, just go ahead and cook up some yellow squash. Just cut them into pieces and place into a pan.

We will go ahead and cook our first meal. Divide the chicken pieces into 2, and put them in the pan where you are stir frying your veggies.

Get your leftover rice (you can use freshly cooked rice for this as well) and mix it with your stir fry.

You might be worried that all that flavor will only be absorbed by rice, so this is where our next ingredient comes in handy. Open a can of your favorite creamy chicken soup and pour it into your stir fry. Mix well, and add in some thick teriyaki sauce for an additional burst of flavor. No need to add in salt as our flavorings are concentrated. Fry everything for a few minutes and voila! Our first meal is done.

Let’s move on to the squash casserole. As you cook the yellow squash pieces, melt some butter in a separate container.

Get the stuffing and place it into a bowl. Add in the melted butter and make sure all that amazing stuffing is covered with buttery goodness.

Add in some onion slices and carrots into the mix. Cook along with the squash.

In a baking pan, put a layer of the stuffing at the bottom. This will serve as the crust of the casserole.

Once all the veggies are cooked, slightly cool them down, and add in the sour cream. Place everything into the baking pan. This is the yummy second layer.

Cover the top of the baking pan with the leftover stuffing. Bake everything in the oven for 30 minutes at 350F.

Serve while they’re hot to your family and guests. This is a fast way to add variety on the dining table.

We hope you loved these recipes, because we definitely do! Feel free to watch the full Meal Monday video here. See you again next week!

- Micah from Mom Training


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